Cornwall Rocks! A New Craze On The Block

newquay rocks

Fun, creative and exciting is just a few ways to describe this brilliant new craze currently sweeping ours towns, villages, beaches and family attractions here in Cornwall. Rock painting is a huge hit with both children and adults, with thousands getting involved with painting, hiding and finding, taking pictures, posting on the relevant Facebook pages […]

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February Bargains Carboot Haul

Carboot sales and nearly new & used sales are often considered a bit scabby right? Rifling through somebody else’s unwanted items may be the last thing you’re interested in, and I used to feel the same until I came across some awesome finds below in my February Bargains Carboot Haul. My mum has always loved […]

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February Highs

February has been plagued by the cold and endless illnesses in our house and as I’m writing this now I’m currently down with this terrible flu like thing and so are the little ones! So it’s going really great ha ha. Amelia sounds like she has a frog in her throat, Jack can barely talk […]

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Easter Rice Krispie Nests

With Easter coming up its time to crack out an old favorite recipe – Easter Rice Krispie Nests! This is a great little bake to help everybody get into the Easter spirit. Amelia loves making these nests as they’re so easy for little ones with plenty of mixing and spoon licking! So here we go! Easter […]

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World Book Day Ideas 2018

Books have always been a big part of my life and when I get the chance now I still love to read. Thankfully, Amelia and Max both have the same love for books and will happily spend the day flicking through their books and being read to. The shelves in our house overflowing! World Book Day is […]

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Amelia’s 3rd Birthday Gift Guide

Next month is Amelia’s 3rd birthday and like every year, I honestly don’t know where on earth the time has gone! Children grow so quickly and every birthday is totally bittersweet. Finding the right gift for a child that probably already has far too many toys can be tricky; so I have put together a […]

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Teenage Pregnancy: The Reality

teenage pregnancy

  When I was 16 years old I had to grow up quick. When most people were going to college and meeting new friends, I was moving out and buying baby clothes. When most people were practicing driving and having fun on the road I was cautious and extra nervous because I had a big […]

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36 Ways To Feel Good Every Single Day

feel good

Feeling good is pretty much at the top of everybody’s list I would imagine, I mean, who wants to feel rubbish?! There are some super simple ways to make yourself feel good every day of the week, month and year, so if you’re tired of feeling slugglish and just generally rotten then give a few […]

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A New Year, A Better Me?

Hello january

It’s a New Year! And I’m back with my first and slightly late post of 2018. With each New Year comes more resolutions, goals and promises to become a better person. Scarily, only around 8% of people actually achieve their new years resolutions each year and  only 75% of people that set goals really follow […]

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