Amelia’s 1st Birthday

It was Amelia’s first birthday on the 26th and I was so excited in the days leading up to it! I wanted to have a big party for her with the whole family attending and have pony rides and a bouncy castle until Jack so kindly pulled me back down to earth with the wise words of ‘she has no idea what day it is!!’ So with that, I have decided to slightly down scale the party planning. Of course I know that she doesn’t care and it’s just another day in her life but it’s a big milestone, and one I will remember for the rest of my life and I want it to be a great day.

I love buying Amelia new clothes so her birthday was just another brilliant excuse to splurge! Normal going on I would only buy her something new if it was on sale as most of her clothes come from Carboot sales or our local baby and children’s nearly new sales. (Preloved clothes are great as 99% of them are of fantastic used quality since babies outgrow things so quickly) Some of my favourite brands include Jojo Maman Bébé and Benetton. Both of these are of amazing soft quality and so trendy. I always say it but I really wish I could have Amelia’s clothes in my size!

All of the Benetton clothes were in the sale which was brilliant! Not a single thing was above £5 in price so what would have been well over £50’s worth of clothing was only £20! A few bits were size 2 years but for £2 I just couldn’t say no! My favourite item is the white dress. It’s so pretty and danceresque and has such a clean feel which I love on Amelia. Although I am slightly worried about going near any food or dirt of any kind! The trousers are super soft and stretchy and coordinate perfectly with all of the tops too.

I used my ‘From A Mother To Another’ £5 off voucher to buy the cardigan, skirt and Breton top which were also in the sale for £5 off the marked price saving an amazing £20 in total! I love the cardigan as it is such a chunky item that feels quality! The Breton top is age 2-3 years which is a bit too big but I really fell in love with it as soon as I saw it; as it was discontinued and no where had it in 12-18 months I just had to buy the bigger size! The navy dot skirt is super girly and can be paired with some funky tights or a colourful top which Amelia is definitely not short of!

 Peter Pan collars have always been a love of mine – on both me and Amelia – and these patterns are just prefect! Amelia had the white floral one at age 3-6 months and she looks super cute in it so I had to get it for this summer too. The long sleeved tops were half price in the sale which was great as I wanted to get these to go with some dungarees dresses. (I love both floral and polka dot ones from Jojo!) They look super cute with the Peter Pan collars out and the plain design means they go well with any pattern/design.

Amelia already has some of these white bows and I think they’re brilliant! They’re a super soft grip so doesn’t pull on hair and are easy to put in even when you have a wriggly baby/toddler.


The pink cardigan is the same as the navy cardigan pictures above. Both were half price in the sale so I was really happy when I found this in the store the next time I went. I wanted to get a light and dark cardigan so I can match them with other outfits. Cardigans are great for the summer time. I got the little jumper also from Jojo for the more chilly summer evening. This again was half off in the sale.

Amelia has really big feet so none of her socks fit anymore, so I bought these ones from Next. They’re really cute and pretty so I’m really happy I found them.


I bought this Cath Kidston set new from eBay before Christmas but thought Amelia was a bit too young. I’m still a bit skeptical about actually letting Amelia use them so they may just have to stay in the cupboard for a while as they’re make from china and I’d imagine easily breakable. I got the little tea set from our local B&M store again before Christmas as I think Amelia will be the type of toddler to really love her teddy tea parties! The floral pattern is so cute and girly. This learning pack was from Argos for only £9.99 which I thought was a really great price and something every child should have to boost and promote learning from a young age. Already Amelia is copycat-ting words, facial expressions and seems to understand so much as this young age which is why I knew these would be a great addition to her toy box.


As soon as I saw the Skip Hop snack cup and matching fork and spoon set in Jojo Maman Bébé I knew it would be super handy for journeys and the pattern is really cute. The tights pack were from the Nutmeg range by Morrisons and they’re really pretty. Two pairs are a floral print and the middle pair are pink with white spots – great for pairing with skirts or dresses! I got these bath crayons from Poundland so hopefully they work well and Amelia doesn’t just eat them like she does with most crayons and pencils. Amelia is a great bath lover so the more bath toys she has the better! Amelia loves her Sophie giraffe and Sophie teething ring so I thought a Sophie book would be a great addition especially as it’s touchy feely and with flaps. She loves her books to sit and flick through and her bookshelf is almost over flowing!

I love this name sign for Amelia’s bedroom door. The design is really pretty and I’ve been eyeing it up for a long time! The pastel colours really go well with her bedroom design and colour scheme. This is yet another great birthday-buy from Jojo Maman Bébé. Amelia’s Nannie has got a lot of this Happyland set for Amelia’s birthday so when the palace was in the sale too in Mothercare, I just had to get it! The cow onesie was from an Avon magazine and it’s really cute and warm. And of course we had to get her a big 1st birthday badge


We also got her a wooden ride on bunny trike from ELC that Jack put together and i got a pretty bow to go on it so it really looks like a birthday present! The trike is super girly in pretty pastel colours and lasts from one year to three years.


I set up the living room the night before after Amelia went to bed so she would have a lovely birthday surprise in the morning. I woke Amelia up at around 7am so we could have a relaxing morning of present opening. When we got downstairs she was super excited by the balloons and spent most of the day playing with them. It didn’t take her long to notice her Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig balloons and was soon carrying them around and giggling away at them – I knew these would be perfect as soon as I saw them since these are her favorite TV programmes. As we were loading up the car ready to leave for Springfields (which is literally a minutes drive from our house!) Amelia’s Nannie and Uncles turned up with arms laden with presents and another Peppa Pig balloon!


We all arrived at Springfields at around 10.30am where we stayed until roughly 2.30pm. Amelia did so well to last this long and didn’t get a nap all day. I dressed her in her new Jojo bodysuit and cardigan with new socks and Bennetton jeans, she looked so cute! Due to the weather we were indoors in the play area basically the whole time and Amelia spent most of the day running around with her Uncles or being pushed around in cars! This was nice as it meant I was free to just sit down and chat too my mum, neighbor and cousin. Even though the weather was terrible we did manage to take a little look outside and see some ducks which was definitely the highlight of Amelia’s day! I carried her around outside due to the grass being wet and she was so happy, then as soon as we saw the ducks she started kicking and fighting to go down whilst going ‘quack quack duck’ over and over!  There were also little chicks in the main play area under heat and in the shed we saw some lovely little Spring lambs and bunnies – which was perfect for Easter – as well as some piglets and ponies.

For lunch Amelia has half a jacket potato with cheese and beans and i had a whole one – I definitely recommend this if you ever got o Springfields since it was all super tasty!



After Springfields, we came home and everybody popped over to sing ‘happy birthday’, open some more presents and eat cake. We had a real house full so the cake didn’t last long! (This is a good thing since Jacks mum made a cake too and bought that over so we definitely had plenty! – and still do!!) I started making her cake on Wednesday evening and was finished decorating by Friday morning. I was really pleased with how the cake turned out and how lovely it tasted! (Blog post with recipe to follow!)



We all had a fantastic day and Amelia crashed in the evening all ready for some Easter fun the next day! Thanks for reading xx


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