Amelia’s Trip To Dairyland


As it is the summer holidays, we decided to take a little trip to Dairyland! (Handy since its only 5 minutes away!) Living in Cornwall, this is one of the big kiddie attractions around Newquay with lots of activities throughout the day to get stuck into! It was a lovely clear day – just slightly chilly once in the shade. We had Jack’s children for the day so it was a good time to go!

Amelia may only be 5 months old, but I thinks she had loads of fun since the day basically consisted of being carried around by mummy and daddy and looking at lots of new and exciting things! I made up a little picnic to take with some ham and cheese sandwiches for the adults and kids and a fruit pot for Amelia to munch on – and of course a lot of bottles!!


When we arrived we went to the Bull pen for an hour and Jack and I had a hot chocolate whilst Amelia slept. She woke up around half an hour after we arrived so then the real fun began! We went down the demon drop on where Amelia sat on mummy’s lap, and there was a ball pool at the foot so we went flying into them which was very fun. There was a bumpy rainbow slide too that you go don on mats so again, Amelia came down on mummy’s lap whilst daddy watched. Dairyland is really good for having an under 5’s play area so the little ones wont get hurt or in the way of the older children in the main play area. This is where I took Amelia to play with the balls, spinney discs and slide.

Afterwards, we went down to see loads of big animals and ducks and chickens and even some meerkats! We watched children bottle feed hungry little lambs and calves. Jack’s two kids – Chloe and Josh – went on a pony ride then played on an assault course, swings, zip line, trampoline and some sand diggers.

All in all it was a great day and we all had loads of fun – topped off with fish and chips on the way home, then a film before Chloe and Josh went home. I bought Amelia a little glass cow for her memory bow and some hand painted wooden skittles for when she is a bit bigger. I thought she could probably use these now, but instead I’m thinking that maybe I will save them for her for Christmas since its only 4 months away!!

I hope you enjoy these pictures of our day!





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