Day Out To Springfields

On Monday we decided to take a trip to Springfields – our local play area/adventure park. Springfields has been doing an offer for preschool children during the winter season, keeping the indoor play area open on Mondays and Fridays 10am-2pm  and Saturdays 10am-3pm. So of course I had to take Amelia for a play date with my god daughter Isabelle whom is 2, and my cousin Kieran – Isabelle’s dad.

It was only £7.90 entry for myself, Amelia, Isabelle, Kieran and my mum so definitely worth it! Children under the age of 3 years are free on weekdays and £3.95 for adults, or £3.95 per child over 3 years of age with one free adult per child. It would have just made more sense for it to be £3.95 for all children and adults go free considering technically we only paid for Amelia and Isabelle.

Anyway, it was a really cheap day out and Amelia loved it We had loads of fun playing on the slides and climbing frame. Since they’re remodeling, the big indoor water feature has been removed so there is a tonne more floor playing space. Due to this there were a lot of pedal cars and trikes to zoom around on! In the corner there was a trampoline that Amelia loved and little play houses for imaginative play. To be honest all Amelia liked about these was shutting me in!

I really thought before we went that Amelia would only be able to last for an hour before breaking out into full paddy mode and needing a long nap, but to my surprise we managed the full 4 hours with minimal tantrums! I think the biscuit and pom bear snacks teamed with an amazing lunch of Jacket potato, cheese and beans really helped to re fuel all of our engines. The portions were very generous and the only difference between a kids and adults portion was half of a potato! Amelia did great and ate the whole meal. I didn’t really plan for an all day trip as I thought we would be home for dinner time so next time we go I will definitely be taking her favorite afters of Peppa Pig strawberry yogurts.

Here are the pictures of our super fun day out!

The trampoline was a big hit!


Amelia wasn’t really too keen on the slides! Every time we got to the bottom she just let out a scared scream!


I love this picture of me and mum! We don’t tend to get many of these and the orange which hair definitely suits her!


Amelia and Isabelle didn’t really understand to look at the camera.. and the hands showing really add effect!


Amelia had a great day playing and eating. It really makes me want to take her out more often and watch her learn, explore and have fun.

Thanks for reading!


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