Exploring The New Local Park

Yesterday we went on a trip to the park.

Our local park has had a revamp as the old one was getting very tired and a bit dangerous for little ones.  I decided to venture out and take Amelia for a play and try it out, and lets face it, I could do with the exercise and we could all do with the fresh air! It’s about a 20-30 minute walk from our house so with Amelia strapped into the Pram and Max safely cuddled up in the carrier off we went!

My friend Steph and her baby boy came up with us for a walk and it was nice to have a bit of company. Once there we were joined by my cousins and my god daughter who really loved playing with Amelia and giving her bear hug cuddles that ended up with them in a heap on the floor!


Amelia’s outfit for the day was her new Joules hat which she was very attached too (she has a thing about hats – and didn’t take very kindly to some other boy trying to pull it off her head!) a pretty Joules jumper and her Gap gilet with some jeans and Peppa Pig boots/Vans.

It’s a really great park for toddlers now and has lots of bright and colourful designs all around.

As soon as Amelia saw the park she was running, jumping and shrieking (no wonder I had a head ache!)

My favourite part about the park is the boat cross climbing area. Amelia was straight on this and when I turned around after taking Max out of the baby carrier I was pretty surprised to see she had managed to get up and down the slide all by herself without any help at all! Maybe it’s just my overprotectiveness but I really didn’t think she could climb up and down and slide without hurting herself.

Now for the photo takeover..



We walked back home where Amelia decided to throw her brand new Monsoon bear gloves into the wind and one got lost which was pretty flipping annoying! Once back Steph and I continued to have a gossip until Jack came home and took us out for some cheesy chips from the local chip shop and a trip down the lake.

She ‘helped’ daddy feed the fish and loved carrying the buckets around! There were loads of acorns on the floor at the lake and Amelia was having so much fun finding and picking up her ‘orns’. Both of our pockets were filled right up to take home for some Autumn crafts. A swan has taken up residence down there too and Amelia was all excited about the ‘big duck’ which was really cute!


All in all it was a really lovely day and the park is great! A perfect little play area for children big and small and I’m hoping to make it a weekly trip.





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  1. It is nice to live within walking distance of a nice park, especially when you have children. I do hope you manage to make it a weekly thing. I don’t blame Amelia for being fond of her hat, if I had a hat that looked so cute I’m not sure I would take it off, even to go to bed!

    Yur photos are lovely and a bag of cheesy chips and feeding the ducks sound like the perfect way to end a nice day. I hope the large duck wasn’t the cause of any night terrors!

    Thank you for linking up wit the #MMBC.

    1. Me too, we could all do with the fresh air! Here’s hoping we get a few days a week without any rain this autumn and winter. I wish they did it in adult sizes ha.
      Thankyou 🙂 She was only scared when I thought it was going to attack us for being near its nesting place! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

    1. It really is great 🙂 we made another visit yesterday which she loved after playgroup! Had one very tired 18 month old afterwards. It’s just a real shame that the teenagers have decided to litter and leave lighters and various bits nobody would want a child around down there now. Thanks for reading

  2. Wow the park looks a whole lot different now than when I used to hang around it when I was younger 😉 Sounds like the perfect day to me, minus the lake bit as that usually means squirmy fishing bait with Jack ha 😉

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix lovely

    Stevie x

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