Feeding The Ducks – A Day Out

Amelia has a real duck obsession, so the obvious day out for us was to go and feed the ducks at the park! We went to Malpas Park in Truro where they have a duck pond, park and lovely garden next to a canal. I love this place as its one of the few places we used to go when I was young with the whole family. Many times I remember running around playing football, playing in the park and riding around on my bike or scooter.

As soon as we arrived Amelia was so happy to see the ducks there! She wanted to get so close she almost fell in!

I love all of the trees and greenery around the little pond, it makes the place look really nice and peaceful.

Max wasn’t too happy about staying in his buggy and being too small to feed the ducks too!

It’s changed a bit since I was young, and now they have added a little picnic area with a small little path that we had fun exploring.

Since there was a duck pond we took some bread so that Amelia could feed the ducks.. and the seagulls!

Apparently feeding the ducks is hungry work! At least Amelia saved some for the walk back haha!

We all had a really lovely time at the park and it was nice to get out for a bit and get some fresh air! Hopefully in the summer we can get back down there and visit a lot more often 🙂

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