Longleat 2016

As a part of our holiday we decided to visit Longleat. And as a first ever visit for all of us we definitely weren’t disappointed!

When we first arrived it was pretty drizzly so on went the rain suit and rain covers and off we went to explore the animals!

There were so many interesting and funny looking animals in Jungle Kingdom. There was a really cool-looking ant eater keepers were allowing visitors to feed that Amelia went runnnng straight over to! She was so excited and ran from pen to pen to get a good look of the animals, it was so funny to watch!

Next we went off to Monkey Temple in n attempt to catch a glimpse of Longleat monkey residents. However when we got there the keeper told us that the monkeys don’t like to leave their nice cosy houses when the weather isn’t the best so off we went to the avery to see the Lorikeets. Amelia got a bit freaked out with them all flying around near her but soon settled down and kept pointing out all of the ‘birds’ to us all.

Penguin Island was a really cool place that allowed us to get a close up look of the penguin colony. They weren’t very energetic and just stood there still so unfortunately we didn’t get to see them swim about and explore their home.

From there we wondered off through to Ray Bay to check out the sting rays. I really loved how part of their tank was glass and low down so young children like Amelia could have a good look at the ray’s inside. In Animal Adventure we got to look at plenty more animals and even saw a lizard crawling around on the floor to stroke before heading off into the gift shop.

We really wanted to go through the maze but as be had Max in the pram we couldn’t all go so unfortunately had to miss out that section.

Amelia has loads of fun playing in the Little Explorers Garden as well as Adventure Castle which had plenty to occupy little ones.





We hopped in the car and off we went on our little safari adventure! There was a CD given to all guests to talk us through each enclosure we went through. I thought this was a really cool touch as we learnt so much about the animals as well as getting to see them up close.

Anne the elephant didn’t feel like coming out of her home which was a shame as we were all super excited to really see an elephant, mum especially!

A real holiday highlight was getting to feed the deer through the car window. Amelia even gave it a go but just ended up throwing it all over mums truck! Another great moment was getting super close to the rhinos – we all loved seeing them.


Another point that really excited us was getting up close to the lions and tigers and seeing these big cats play about. However, they had other ideas and just preferred to laze about in the sun! We didn’t really get to see the wolves either as they were also being very lazy and hiding behind the trees and hedges.

My definite favourite part was getting to see real life giraffes! I’ve been so excited to see them since we decided to go to Longleat and I definitely wasn’t disappointed! Amelia has also got a love for giraffes which is really sweet and has an inflatable giraffe and also a giraffe headband with ears. Whilst seeing the giraffes we had a wonder around the African Village and got a few little goodies there to take back for my Nannie who loves wolves.

We decided we didn’t want the car trashed so avoided the monkey enclosure.

“Look Amelia a rhino!” **yawn**

Once we got back from the Safari tour we went on the boat for a Jungle Cruise. It was really amazing as we got to see the hippos which we were told hadn’t been seen all day so it was a real treat! Amelia loved the boat and laughing at the sea lions as we fed them fish and they jumped and splashed around in the water. Then we sailed past Gorilla Colony and saw the cheeky Gorillas playing out in the sun.


As it was Longleat’s 50th anniversary this gorgeous lion statue was erected in it’s honour. As soon as we drove down the drive to Longleat to park up we saw the beautiful house with the statue out front. Standing next to it I couldn’t even describe how massive it is!



I love memorabilia to put into Amelia and Max’s keepsake boxes and of course I had to get plenty to mark their first ever holiday as well as some birthday and Christmas presents.








One thing that I really did not like was Bat Cave. I have always had a real disliking of bats so this place was the sort of thing that I just ran through to get out of there as soon as possible!


We had such a great time at Longleat and can’t wait to go back!


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  1. Lovely pictures. It’s been years since we’ve been to Longleat, but we really loved it when we went. We should really take our little girl there sometime soon. She loves going the zoo. Luckily we have one not too far from where we live that we visit quite frequently. #MyCapturedMoment

  2. I couldn’t wait to read your post, because we also went to Longleat and loved it. We didn’t see the bat cave, but Little Button got the chance to feed the giraffes – I think that must have been our highlight of the whole day. The explorers garden wasn’t open when we went, but it looks great from your photos. Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam. I feel like going back right now 🙂

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