Max & Amelia’s First Family Holiday

This month we were off to Dorset for a friends wedding. Not only is this Max and Amelia’s first holiday, but really it is also my brothers and my first holiday too! After leading a very reclusive life on the family farm its needless to say we were all pretty excited; with the youngest two of my three brothers starting to pack over a week in advance!

Since we don’t really go anywhere often, I decided we are really going to make the most of the weekend and pack in as much fun as possible! We weren’t overly familiar with Dorset so I had a look online to see attractions and things to do nearby then worked out distance from the B&B and what would be the most appealing to children. I found this really super fun looking place called ‘Peppa Pig world’ at Paultons theme park in Romsey, and a beautiful national trust site Stourhead. In the end we went for what the kids would enjoy the most and with a 13 year old, 9 year old and a Peppa Pig addict called Amelia the choice was pretty black and white!

I love lists and organisation (yup, I’m that person) so got straight onto a full information list of our B&B, Longleat, the church location and the Theme park as well as everything Jack, a toddler, a baby and I would need for our little trip.


6.30am – Left home drive up

9.30am – Arrive at longleat

5pm – Leave longleat

6pm – Check in to B&B


9am – Breakfast @ hotel

9.30am – Wander around the town

1pm – Wedding

2.30pm – Wedding reception

`10.30pm – Arrive back to the hotel


8.30am – Have breakfast @ the hotel

9am – Leave for Paultons

10.40am – Arrive @ Paultons

6.30pm – Leave Paultons

7.30pm – Arrive back to the hotel


8.30am – Have breakfast @ hotel

9.30am – Leave the hotel

11.30am – Go for a play at Roche services clip n’ climb

The day to day part of the holiday was great but The Dolphin Hotel Wincanton we stayed in was more of a hostel than hotel. It was awful. There were bed bugs, huge spiders, hair all over the bathroom (not ours), blood on one of our pillow cases and filthy toilets, sinks and baths. I would definitely NOT recommend staying there if you’re planning a trip to Wincanton. My plan was to stay at a local glamping camp site in a yert which I was super excited for but before we booked anything, dad had booked and paid for this place and there was no escaping it once we were there!

Longleat was so much fun! Amelia loves looking at all of the animals and playing in the little kiddie areas whilst mum and I love the gift shops. Check out our official Longleat 2016 write up.

The morning of the wedding we went for a wander off around the shops in Wincanton. There weren’t many shops but enough to keep us busy for a few hours before the wedding.

The wedding was such a beautiful ceremony and the not typically boring like I thought it would be, as the vicar was pretty funny and we sat in front of a bunch of people joking around the whole time and gave us plenty to giggle about! Max and Amelia were all sleepy so Jack stayed with them in the car – weddings aren’t really his thing anyway so he didn’t mind.

At the reception we had some lovely food and we’re loving being sat right next to the food table; especially when the brownies came out! The grooms father hired an ice cream trailer that served free ice cream all night! Safe to say we all tucked in on a few tubs of honeycomb.

Amelia decided she wanted to leave the reception and visit the horses.

Maxy having some cuddles off of the lovely bride
Dancing with daddy











Safe to say we were all pretty happy to be sat next to this table!

Before we left we had plans to visit family friends but as we had to be home for 1pm ish so there wasn’t time. Instead, we went to the local services station at home so the children could play for an hour.

When we got home the excitement and happiness on Amelia’s face was so apparent! She knew exactly where we were as soon as we pulled up and went straight into the garden to climb in her slide.

We had such a great holiday and have plenty of memories and pictures to take with us and cherish.

Hope you enjoyed reading!


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  1. The wedding looks amazing!! So many lovely sweet treats!! And the bride looked beautiful! Apart from your accommodation, it sounds like you had a brilliant time! Peppa Pig World is awesome, and my children absolutely love it there! Life for you all on the farm must’ve been massively full on, if this was your first real break-I found that really difficult to get my head around!!

    1. They really were lovely! A very fattening day ha. Yeah we never really went anywhere even around Cornwall which was a shame. Thankyou for taking the time to comment and read 🙂

  2. It looks like you had a lovely weekend away with the family, bar the hostel type hotel in Wincanton. What a nightmare, especially with little ones, I bet you couldnt wait to leave! I loved seeing all the pictures, especialy the ones of the little one 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

    1. It did put a real dampener and our hopes to chill out at the hotel were soon shattered when we didn’t want to go back there at all haha. Thanks for reading

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