Our Pumpkin Patch Visit Failure

Last year my main goal for Halloween was take Amelia and – a then very little – Max to a local pumpkin patch! After seeing endless posts from fellow bloggers detailing their children’s excitement to be in a field surrounded by pumpkins; chosing their favourites rather than picking them up from a shop, it really got me feeling slightly jealous and left out. Down here in Cornwall we don’t really have many places that cater for pick your own pumpkins and being slightly behind with the ties meant I struggled to find somewhere last year. Add transport issues into the equation and that was the end of my hopes to go to a real pumpkin patch.

Trevaskis pumpkin patch

Fast forward a year and that has totally changed! Amelia is two and a half and much more aware of the Halloween holiday whilst Max is one so the trip would be a little bit more exciting for him. I now have a car, a free weekend with Jack and an address for a big and exciting pumpkin patch! (or so I thought..)

People that say ‘keep your expectations low and you wont be disappointed’ should really be listened to.

In my head we were embarking on this big and beautiful adventure, heading off to a huge field full of luscious orange pumpkins. I wasn’t exactly expecting the rotten green-ish ones we actually did find. And it wasn’t really a field so much as a large vegetable patch covered in straw..

Trevaskis pumpkin patch

My real aim was to capture the perfect Instagram worthy pumpkin patch picture to ‘keep up with the Jones’ so to speak or to keep up with the ‘real bloggers’. You know, one of those perfect shots of your children smiling whilst sat amongst a pile of pretty and perfect pumpkins with a gorgeous filled field in the background? Yeah, not quite what we managed to get..

Pumpkin patch Trevaskis

This trip may sound like a complete disaster, especially after travelling for almost an hour to get there with two fussy toddlers but in reality it is going to be one of the best memories we have as a family. As soon as the realisation dawned on Jack and I that yes, this really is all there was here and no there isn’t a huge secret field just around the corner that was exactly what we were looking for we laughed. Like a real ‘wow this is hilarious’ laugh that is what made it such a great memory.

Amelia and Max are far too young to realise that what we were looking for and that what we found wasn’t exactly what we were expecting but it was perfect. They absolutely loved it and it made their weekend. Amongst all of the rotting pumpkins they found the ugliest and most gnarly looking pumpkins ever and they were perfect.

Trevaskis pumpkin patch

Trevaskis pumpkin patch

At the bottom of the field we found this little pumpkin carnival pumpkin face stand that was a brilliant idea.

Trevaskis pumpkin patch

I’m really glad that we made the trip down. Maybe if we had gone a bit earlier in the week we may have found more luscious pumpkins but it doesn’t really matter to us. I can imagine that sme people would have been pretty disappointed but A & M had a great time and so did Jack and I so that’s really all that counts.

Along the patch to the pumpkin patch was a field turned into two paddocks with horses and donkeys in which really made my pony-mad daughter so happy. There were also some sheep that both children loved and Max even saw a tractor passing so that was one super happy little boy right there.

  Trevaskis farm shop cornwall

And here are our knobbly, gnarly pumpkins!


Do you have any pumpkin patches near you? Did you make the trip to one this Halloween half-term?

Thanks for reading!


Twin Mummy and Daddy

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