Royal Cornwall Show 2016

Here in Cornwall we have a big annual show mid year that is held over three days. The show is great and has plenty of animals, machinery and tractors to look at as well as a whole area full of stalls with bits for sale. There are a lot of craft stalls and home made goods stalls including favorites like Joules and Lazy Jacks clothing.

My parents have a stand up at the show so to get entry with them we had to wake up super early at 5am to meet them at the show for 6.15am which was exhausting! By the time it got to about 10.30am it felt like midday! I would normally be helping with teas, coffees and food on the stand but now I have Amelia I’m not able to all day as well as running around after her. It was nice really since I cant normally have a look around at the actual show as we’re too busy and instead I got to spend some time with Jack. Amelia loved hanging out around the stand playing on the toys at the toy stand and the ‘kiddie corner’ mum made to entertain customers children whilst they ate pasties and drank tea. She ate pretty much non stop whilst chilling out on mums deck chairs so was definitely happy!

Being super organised – unlike normal – I packed up everything the night before like Amelia’s bottles, spare clothes, lunch box and pram into the car so I didn’t have to worry about sorting anything out in the morning. All I needed to do was get us all breakfast then Amelia and I dressed for the day. Surprisingly, Amelia didn’t actually need a change of clothes at all up there so the only thing I had to do each evening is re stock bottles and nappies.

Amelia really loved looking at the animals and tractors and spent most of her time shouting ‘tractor’ and ‘digger’ as well as making all of the different animal noises. There were so many dogs walking around with their owners so she was constantly shouting ‘woof woof!!’ too. She even learnt a few new words – ‘digger’ and ‘sheep’ – which is really lovely that it was sort of an educational experience as well as a lot of fun. There was a lot of time where she was just sat in her pram which she really wasn’t happy about since shes usually so active during the day and with lots of big people around she wasn’t overly keen on walking either. She was definitely happiest when her daddy was carrying her around (even though this just made him have achy arms all day!) The advantage with this though was that she was so high up and she could see everything.

One of my favourite places to have a look and of course buy stuff was the big ‘Cornwall Food & Farming’ marque. This was full of different vendors selling their homemade  produce which I really love to support. Most of what they were selling were delicious treats and I came out with plenty of chocolate bars, cookies, brownies and juices as well as strawberries and clotted cream that Jack and I ate straight away! (They were supposed to be for Amelia since she loves strawberries at the minute but by the time we got back to mum at the stand to sit and eat them she had crashed and was out of it for an hour or two. The main reason I bought the cookies and brownies was to see if they were nicer than the ones I made myself in order to amend bits, but honestly the cookies really were not as nice at all. They didn’t look nicer and were a bit too dry for our liking. I didn’t really get to review the brownies as I had a little bit quickly whilst at the show and then Jack had the rest on Saturday for dinner whilst I attended the show again. I love to support local businesses and it makes it even better when we have lots of tasty treats to eat afterwards!

As my birthday is coming up at the end of the month I found a lovely Joules hoodie and some Sketchers trainers to give Jack some help with what to get me. I wanted some trainers for walking that are nice on my feet instead of chunky boots or flip flops so was great when we found these on offer (and they go with my hoodie which is always a bonus!) Since I was up there on my own on Saturday I decided to get Jack a few presents for Christmas/birthday. His birthday is 2 days after Christmas so I have to get double the amount all in one month! I got him some Animal trainers for half price at only £20 instead of £40 and a Weird Fish hoodie. Funnily enough without even realising at the time, we both ended up with a new pair of shoes and a jumper! Amelia loves cows and tractors so I got her a little model tractor off of mums stand and some cows from a model farm stand. She really loves them and before I even paid for them she was tearing them out of their wrappers!

The flower tent was really pretty and always a place I like to visit. They have gorgeous displays all around the marque as well as plants for sale to buy.

I’ve been really wanting to get a national trust membership and the man on the stand had an offer on and said he will even honour the show special when I decide to sign up which is really great!

We had a lot of fun spending time together as a family doing something different and having a look around at all of the stands. Jack was mainly interested in the animals and looking at the machinery and diggers as shopping isn’t really his thing. Amelia ended up with some really cool freebies and I bought her some cows and a tractor for her farm.

It was super hot walking around and on Sunday after the show was finished we all felt very lethargic and sleepy! I could have happily slept all day but Amelia’s body clock had kicked in with these early morning so she was up and rearing to go at 8am. Jack and I both had really achy feet and we went home around lunch time each day so had a nice afternoon full of rest and relaxation whilst munching on our yummy cream teas!

I love the show and would definitely recommend it to anybody thinking of going on a family holiday in Cornwall.

Here’s some more pictures from our time at Royal Cornwall Show:

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