Royal Cornwall Show 2017!

Every year in June Cornwall has a 3 day agricultural show – Royal Cornwall Show! I’ve not missed a year yet so this wasn’t going to be an exception! Theres so much to see and do and plenty of animals for children to enjoy, and plenty of beer tents for adults to enjoy!

Day One

This year was Max’s first time at the show and since he’s only young still I didn’t think he would enjoy it at all, but boy was I wrong! We sat down and watched the horses showjumping for a while and he was really excited, yelling his new favourite word ‘yeah!’ at them over and over again – it was pretty funny to watch!

Although Amelia has been twice before it felt like this was her first time too – she was supser excited and it was great seeing her running all over the place finding tractors, cows and horses.

I’ve been wanting to make ameliananfairy garden for ages and seeing this stand in the craft tent has given me sooo many awesome ideas! Needless to say Amelia absolutely loved this stand too and wanted to take all of them home!

I do love the beautiful bits they have around and this pretty little shed is definitely on my want list. It would look beautiful on a big lawn for the children to play in, and the wood animal sculptures around it would be great!

Day Two

One of the places I was most looking forward to visiting was the huge flower tent! They always have gorgeous displays and loads for sale as well as a little competition section so it really is worth a look.

This display was incredible. You can see more and a how it was made video on Lifton Strawberry Fields Farm Shop Facebook page.

There were also plenty of gorgeous Floral displays.

Day Three

We had pretty much seen everything there was to see at the show over the first two days so on the last day we mostly followed Amelia wherever she wanted to go and chatting to people. We got completely soaked again and ended the day like drowned rats – which didn’t bother Amelia or Max at all! Amelia was quite happy sipping away on her smoothie as the heavens opened and Max thought it was great pulling he rain cover off of himself making it completely void!

We had a fantastic few days – long and tiring – but very good fun and it was lovely seeing the littleuns excitement.

The animals – of course the animals were Amelia’s favourite and something she wanted to go back again and again to see.

I have always loved and still do love Royal Cornwall Show and it’s something I want Amelia and Max to love and look forward to every year too.

Have you ever been to RCS, or do you have any great shows like this where you live? 

Thanks for reading! 



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