Amelia’s 2 Year Update

Next week my first baby, my baby girl will be two.

Yes, two.

In some ways it feels like ten years have passed since the day she was born, and in other ways it feels like only five minutes ago and (hello cliche!) in a blink of an eye this tiny wrinkly bundle of hair and gunk is now a walking, talking back, full of attitude and NO screaming almost – two year old.

Likes & Dislikes:

Her baby brother – I’m not sure what category poor little Maxy fits into if I’m honest. One minute she loves him and wants to cuddle him (a little too hard) and the next she’s sat in him like he’s a pony pushing his face into the carpet repeatedly whilst he screams.

Being told what to do – Like any typical toddler, she hates anybody telling her what to do – even when I ask nicely and cleverly make her think it’s her idea. GAH!

Gymnastics – This is another thing that she sometimes loves and sometimes hates. However Mummy is determined for her to be winning gold in the Olympics so we’ll keep pushing and see whether it’s something she wants to stick with, haha!

Ballerinas & Fairies – She got a new big girl bed as an early birthday present (Max desperately needed her cot) and I found her some super cute ballerina bedding which she’s obsessed with! She did originally think it was a fairy so now she loves both fairies and ballerinas!

Kinder eggs!! – One Word: Obsessed.

Physical development

Amelia started walking at around 9 months, and this early walking made her legs really bent and her feet were turned in meaning she would sometimes trip up. After a trip to the doctors and being told she’ll grow out of it and now she definitely has! She’s running, jumping and climbing all over the place. One of her favourite things to do now is a ‘roly poly’ that she learnt at gymnastics.


Amelia’s speech is pretty brilliant for an almost 2 year old – even if I am a little biased! She’s putting together full sentences now really well and understands the words and their meanings – sometimes saying things that seems far too grown up and making us all go huh?! It’s really nice to be able to actually have a conversation with her and understand what she’s saying a bit more now.


We haven’t seen our health visitor for a while because she’s been off sick so I’m not 100% sure what she weights, but she’s still pretty dinky! For the amount this girl eats I’m surprised she’s still as skinny as what she is!


Chocolate. That’s pretty much all she wants to eat. She rarely finishes meals and likes to say her food is ‘gusting’ (disgusting) and refuses to eat most of the time then asks for some form of junk food. However I’m thinking that if I keep refusing and she’s hungry then maybe she’ll actually eat her meals properly?? I dunno, we’ll have to see haha.


Amelia really has just been the dream child. She’s always slept through and she still does now! (Touch wood!) even now she has freedom since she can get out of her big girl bed she still stays in there all night totally zonked.

As much as my almost – two year old can be a complete nightmare, she really is hilarious and the thinks she comes out with cracks me up! (She told me she’s so proud of me for giving her a yoghurt?!)

I’m so excited to spoil her on her birthday and make her a lovely cake and wrap up her presents! She’s going to be so excited and hopefully she loves her day!

Happy Birthday Amelia! xoxo


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  1. Ah, she sounds gorgeous and a right little character. I love her bed. I reckon I could sleep for hours in that – I bet she doesn’t though! Pen x #KCACOLS

  2. Aww happy birthday Amelia!Sounds like she is doing great and walking at 9months?I bet that was hard work for you at times. I hope she has a lovely birthday party xx #kcacols

  3. What a lovely update, sounds like she’s doing really well! Hope she has a fab birthday. I had to smile at the part about her saying she was proud of you, my daughter says the same thing to me sometimes and it always makes me laugh. x #KCACOLS

  4. Aww… Happy Birthday Amelia! My girl will be 3 next month. (Sob!) And Yes! Gymnastics – my girl really like doing the rolly polly on the floor! Amazing! I was like – where do they learn this from?! lol! xx #kcacols

  5. I hope she has a lovely birthday. 2 is such a great age isn’t it, tantrums aside. It’s lovely to see how they’re progressing and what they are getting up to at this age #kcacols

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