Amelia’s 2nd Birthday

Some typical sayings on, and around your child’s birthday are ‘wow they were only a baby 5 minutes ago’ or ‘in blink of an eye he/she is 2/3/5/10/15’ and to each and every parent it is so true.

Amelia’s 2nd birthday is something that I’ve been looking forward to for months – to watch as she excitedly somes downstairs and the look of amazement to see her banners, balloons and piles of presents. How she would demand more and more birthday cake loving the troll design I made for her this year. Running around loving her day out where everybody is at her party just for her, and then eventually Mummy and daddy cuddling up on the sofa with a very happy and tired little girly before tucking her in and saying goodnight to her and her special day.

Instead, her birthday was pretty much hell.

She woke up like this..

The Friday and Saturday before her birthday (Sunday/Mother’s Day) she was really poorly and not happy at all. One minute her throat her, then her ears, then she was fine and then she was hysterically crying to what seemed to be no end. The time I had planned to make her cake and do some fancy decoration just turned into cuddles on the sofa and sneaking away for minutes at a time to do just a little bit more until I was summoned back by more tears and hysteria.

The day before her 2nd birthday was the ‘Oh crap we forgot this, that, this, Quick we need to get balloons!’ It was also my brothers 10th birthday and in the drama of cake planning and poorly child I completely forgot to pick him up his present and cards so from one town to another we went. I woke up that morning feeling terrible – like a horrendous hangover without any of the fun and embarrassing memories from the night before so of course a morning of travelling in the car was that last thing Amelia or I wanted.

That night when I tucked her into bed I hoped and prayed that she would make a miraculous over night recovery..

Boy was I wrong!

Yet again she woke up in a terrible mood all tears and tantrums refusing to eat or drink anything at all and stating that she doesn’t like her balloons and that they need to go in the bin (typical hey!) Luckily once we got her into the present opening she really perked up and I had hope our trip out to play at Dairyland would be a nice one.

All In all we did actually have some fun times with her.. in between her throwing up a kinder egg, what seemed like constantly crying and just wanting to be held by Mummy the whole time. I felt so sorry for little Maxy that barely got any of my attention the whole time Amelia was ill!

The gorgeous birthday girl

What really made the day extra special was the lady at Dairyland behind the till serving and sorting out entry. Seeing that Amelia was so poorly and having a really rubbishy time she gave us a free bowl of jelly and icecream for her from one of the parties, allowed her to go into the upstairs part as she desperately wanted to know why was up the stairs and gave her a free apple on the way out too! I was really impressed and surprised with the kindness we were shown!

Amelia’s troll birthday cake was a bit of a pain because I ran out of icing for the sides and then realised the hair and face should have been different colours, however Jack came to the rescue and suggested using chocolate icing for the sides – Genious!!

Amelia loved it though and knew straight away it was her poppy cake, shame it was so dry! Doh!

More present opening before bedtime!

Its taken weeks for us to feel better and for me to finally write this post and I’m excited for us to redo her the birthday she deserves with a happy and fully healthy baby girl!

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  1. Happy birthday to Amelia, hopefully future birthdays are better. My niece’s second birthday was a cavalcade of sadness too. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

  2. Awe, love the the lady was so kind. It’s so nice to be on the receiving end of little acts of kindness like that. Glad you all managed to have a nice day, despite lots of clinginess and poorliness! Absolutely love your high chair + decor too! #KCACOLS

  3. Isn’t it the worst feeling of helplessness when our little’s are unwell. Sorry she still felt poorly on her birthday but glad she did enjoy herself. Lovely cake btw, I’m rubbish at baking! #KCACOLS

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