Amelia’s Toddler Gymnastics

Amelia has been going to toddler gymnastics at our local club for five weeks now. I’ve wanted to get her into it ever since I was pregnant but was never sure it was the right time.

Since it was so local I thought we will just go for it and see how she gets on. And I’m so glad we did! Now we’re onto week five and it’s clear she loves it so much. I’m super proud of how well she’s doing and how far she’s come in just a few weeks.

Week 1

As soon as Amelia got inside it was all new and exciting so joining in was totally out of the question. She was the only one there as the class is non commitment at this age and just a pay as you go kind of thing. She was actually pretty excited to go back again when we were at home!


Week 2

Again it was just a lot of fun but since there actually was another child there she did do a little bit of the class but spent most of the time off playing in the back room (she knows she wasn’t allowed that’s why!)


Week 3

This was definitely the best week she’s had so far. She was paying loads more attention and joined in with 80% of the class. I think this has something to do with her uncle James not being there this time as school had started again at this point. The first two weeks were during half term and since James was there I’m sure she just thought it was playtime which is why this session went really well.


Week 4

It was a full class with over ten children there which Amelia hated! She’s never really liked being around a crowd so this really was too much for her. Rather than joining in she went off to play on whatever was quietest, choosing instead to copy the other children after they had finished on that piece of equipment. We’ve realised now she does far better when there are up to 4 other children there.


Week 5

There were quite a few again this time but not as much as Week 4 so she did do a bit but really it’s still just loads of fun for her. She really is picking it up so quick which is brilliant and she’s learning new things every week whilst gaining in confidence.

I’ve noticed that Amelia is so much more confident now and has even mastered a forward roll all on her own! The class she goes to is on a Friday from 12.30pm to 1.30pm which is the perfect length and by the time we finish she can have her lunch straight away.


We were really hoping that it would tire her out but this definitely isn’t the case! The girl is like a ball of energy!

What activities do your toddlers do?


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  1. Aw that looks really good. My 5 year old wants to go to gymnastics but we just can’t fit in the classes. She goes swimming lessons and dance classes, my two year old has swimming lessons too and she will probably start dance classes in the next 6 months or so – right now i think she’s just a bit too little and she’s quite shy so I don’t think she will join in.

  2. This looks so good! I’ve thought about putting my toddler into a gymnastic class to help calm her energy haha. Although I think she may be the one playing in the backroom too 😉 #TwinklyTuesdays

  3. Cute, cute, cute. Still waiting for my little one to start walking, so enjoying sitting down while I can as I suspect once she is mobile she too will take some tiring out!! Hope your daughter continues to enjoy it, she certainly looks like she is having fun from those lovely pictures #picknmix

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