Toddler Interview With Amelia

I’ve seen a lot of these toddler interviews lately and I thought why not give it a go! So here is my Toddler Interview With Amelia 2 years 2 months old.

What is something mummy always says to you?

Ummm monster

What is something Daddy always says to you?


What makes you happy?


What makes you sad?

You! (meaning me apparently haha!)

What makes you laugh?


How old are you?


How old is mummy?


How old is daddy?


What is your favourite thing to do?

Painting on shoes (A craft at our local agricultural show last week)

Who is your best friend?

Nannie are (she means is)

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A giraffe

What are you really good at?

Does a gymnastics move and says ‘this’

What are you not very good at?

Putting monster in the bin (she watched a scary video of a monster and we had to put it in the bim so she wasn’t scared anymore lol)

What did you do today?


What is your favourite food?


What is your favourite song?

Playdoh (random kid!)

What do you want for your birthday next year?

Umm.. Cake!

What is your favourite animal?


What is love?

I love you

What does mummy do for work?

Peddling (I think she means my spin class?)

What does daddy do for work?


Where do you live?

Nannies house (yeah she wishes!)

Where is your favourite place to go?

To shop, to co op

What do you like to draw?


What is the best part about gymnastics?

Shannon! (Her teacher)

What is your favourite toy?

Maxy’s ball

What is your favourite thing about bath time?

Water (very clever I thought haha!)

What are your favourite books?

Poppy! (Trolls of course!)

I really wish I’d done this sooner! It was so funny! And I definitely want to make this a regular thing like maybe every few months or every year.

If you haven’t done it before, definitely Interview your toddler or older children. It may surprise you!


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