Cornwall Rocks! A New Craze On The Block

newquay rocks

Fun, creative and exciting is just a few ways to describe this brilliant new craze currently sweeping ours towns, villages, beaches and family attractions here in Cornwall. Rock painting is a huge hit with both children and adults, with thousands getting involved with painting, hiding and finding, taking pictures, posting on the relevant Facebook pages and then re-hiding again!

The decorating and hiding of rocks originated in New Zealand and Australia and is steadily making it’s way around to different countries. This cool idea is entertaining everybody and encouraging us to spend time together as a family either crafting or exploring and hunting in the great outdoors. The joy and excitement children get – mine included – is really awesome to see and no matter the weather, there will be somebody out hunting around.

newquay rocks

Rocks Of Joy

After chatting to a few people on the Newquay Rocks Facebook page, I’ve found some really great stories and they’ve shared some lovely pictures with me too. One of my favourite idea’s is the Newquay Rocks team getting together to hide 50 golden rocks around the Newquay area for children to find which have a number on and say ‘winner’ which results in an Easter Egg! A lady donated 50 Easter Eggs to somebody who then thought of this brilliant idea! One was found by my cousin and around 20 others have also been found leaving roughly 20-30 left.

Jack and I took the children for a very wet and rainy walk around the boating lake and although they didn’t find any golden rocks, they did find some beautifully painted rocks that they were very happy about. We’ve also found a few whilst walking around the village that my Nan and Auntie live.

newquay rocks

Another cool story is from further down the county at Perranporth from another Facebook group called ‘Perran Rocks’ a lady has been painting rocks saying ‘free pasty’ from their shop for any rock finder. In the same area, a man has been doing the same instead with ice-cream, and is giving away 50 Easter egg ice-creams with hidden rocks – it’s such a brilliant and kind idea!

kernow rock

kernow rock

This quilt rock idea below is another brilliant idea.

newquay rocks

The idea of the painted rocks is to spread joy to others.

Getting involved in the rock craze is so simple! Paint a rock, write the Facebook group on the back so people can post to the right group when they find it, varnish it and the hide it. If you find a rock, take a picture, share pic on the relevant Facebook group/page, then re-hide for others! Here are a few we have done:

painted rockspainted rocks

Here are some awesome rock painting ideas I’ve pinned HERE.. Follow me on Pinterest for more!

It honestly is so lovely to see so many people getting involved and getting outside so I’ll leave a few pictures below of the brilliant fun everybody is having..

newquay rocks

newquay rocksnewquay rocksnewquay rocks

newquay rocksnewquay rocksnewquay rocks newquay rocks


Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have something like this in your area or if it’s something you’ll try yourself 🙂





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