Fingerprint Chick’s Easter Cards Craft

easter craft

Since Amelia was born I have loved making our family themed cards using the kiddies hand and foot prints. I think it’s such a great little keepsake and a super meaningful gift to give to family members – especially their Nannie’s! Lately Amelia has been asking a lot if we can do some crafts so with Easter on the way I have sooo many crafts planned, and I hope this year we can actually manage to get a lot of them done. Every year and every holiday I have these brilliant ideas to do so much baking and be Super Mum enjoying plenty of themed crafts with my delightful children that listen to me all of the time and never make me feel like tearing my hair out when we actually do participate in said themed crafts… *sigh*…

Anyway! Here goes with the really fun and easy Fingerprint Chick’s Easter Cards! These are brilliant for children of any age. Amelia was pretty much doing it on her own with a bit of huffing and perfectionism issues from me (why do children have to just splash and chuck things around wildly with no sense of decoration?? haha). Joking aside, we did really have such a great time doing this craft and it’s a shame it didn’t take that long because they both loved it so much! Next time we do some crafts I’m thinking about having 3 or 4 ready at the same time so they can do a good 10 or so minutes until they’re fed up rather than just finishing one and really wanting to do some more and having a thoroughly unprepared mummy.

Easter crafts

What You Need:

  • A few sheets of card (depending on how many you make)
  • Yellow paint
  • Black sharpie/pen/crayon
  • Orange sharpie/pen/crayon

 Like I said above, this craft is so easy and so basically all you have to do is fold your card in half to make a free standing card, and get your child to dab yellow fingerprints all over the card to make the chicks.

Easter cards

easter card

Amelia was a bit young to draw on the legs and faces so I did that for her and Maximus instead, but older children should be able to do the full decoration themselves once the paint has dried.

easter card

I wrote ‘Happy Easter’ on the front and asked Amelia who she wanted to send them to and what she wanted to say and that was it! Easy 🙂

The main thing I love about this craft is that you don’t have to be a ‘Pinterest Mum’ or a particularly artsy mum to create something really cute and really sentimental for other family members as well as yourself.

I’d love to know if you give this craft a go 🙂



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