Homemade Name Signs

Here I am showing you the letters I decorated for Amelia’s room. I plan to put them above her crib like a design I saw on pintrest. This should add a bit of a personal touch and character to her nursery and it is also something she can keep for a long time as they are decorated in a neutral pattern to match any future colour schemes Amelia may decide on when she is a bit older.

096Cardboard letters from Hobby Craft – £2 each

Fabric for decorating from eBay – £1 – £6

I think if were to do this again I would give making the cardboard letters myself a go. This would save money and make the end result even more satisfying as it would be fully homemade. I would also find some old clothes and baby clothes with a lovely pattern on in order to recycle – again saving money.

What did you do to add a personal touch to your child’s nursery?


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