Homemade Thankyou Cards

When my baby cousin was born, my auntie made home made thank you cards thanking everybody for the gifts they had both received. This was a lovely touch and so when Amelia was born I decided to do the same and also plan on doing the same when our little boy arrives. She had a lot of gorgeous gifts such as outfits, toys, bath products, teddies, nappies, wipes, money and a gorgeous home made doll made by her great grandma. I think it is really lovely especially for family to receive such a personal gift back after their generosity.

Here is an idea of how I made them..

Pink/blue cards & envelopes – Hobby Craft £3 for a pack of 10

Heart/round buttons -Hobby craft 50p per pack

Pink/blue beads – eBay £3.68

Papermania metallic pens – Hobby craft £5

042 (2)

I first stuck the pictures on the front of the cards nice and central. Once I had done that, I had some more PVA glue and stuck on the beads and buttons.

044 (2)

After the front dried I wrote a Thankyou note inside the cards then Amelia’s birth details on the left hand of the card.

043 (2)

It took a while to make them as I was getting used to a newborn and just didn’t seem to have time for anything at first! So at 2 months old I still had more to do! I’m expecting it to take longer still when I have a newborn AND a toddler this time around.

Thanks for reading! xx


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