Mess~Free Painting

Amelia really enjoys arts and crafts at her local toddlers group so I thought we could give it a go at home to. I’ve been pretty slack on crafts at home mainly because I’m dreading the huge mess I just know Amelia will make, especially as we have fabric chairs pretty prone to paint stains! Now her new table from Ikea has arrived and been built, it is the prefect height for toddler crafts. Before we go all in on messy crafts (and before I get a cover for the floor) I knew Mess-Free Painting would be a great idea!

So, here is our first attempt of Mess-Free Painting and how to do it!

Put the paper inside the plastic wallet.

Then, squirt some different coloured paints into the wallet

Seal up the open end with some sticky tape then cut the ends off flush

Let them play!

The end result

Amelia definitely had fun doing this activity but got bored pretty quickly. She’s always on the go running around so sitting down and not being able to actually make a mess was probably pretty dull for her. She’s so used to dipping her brushes and really painting that I think this was a bit confusing for her and she wanted her brushes back! The best part about this craft is that i can save the picture in a little folder and it will be protected by the wallet.

We will definitely be giving this activity a go again and maybe adding some extras like glitter and shapes into the mix too.


A Cornish Mum

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  1. I’d never thought of doing this. You could do multi-coloured handprints as well once they’d got messy hands.
    Thanks for the idea ;_)

    1. It’s nice and quick for toddlers with a very short attention span. Not too much mess to tidy up afterwards which is always a bonus! Thanks for reading

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