Paw Patrol Pumpkin Carving

I have kicked off my Autumn Bucket List by ticking off two points in one: #5 teach Amelia how to carve a pumpkin and #6 carve a Paw Patrol pumpkin.

This was a pretty out of the blue activity that we didn’t plan on doing today. My awesome neighbour picked us up two pumpkins from the shop and dropped them around about 4pm. The Sun came around in the early evening just before tea time which was perfect as it was lovely and warm in the garden – perfect for some pumpkin carving!

Amelia loves going outside and had fun carrying the pumpkins around so it was a nice op for her to get some fresh air so out we went in our onesies and dressing gowns (Amelia looks pretty awesome in her cow onesie too!).


We had so much fun taking the insides out of the pumpkin and then carving. It was a great little sensory activity for Amelia too when she was putting her hands in and feeling around in all the pips and the pumpkin goo.


Amelia is a bit of a princess and doesn’t really like anything yucky on her hands so playing with the goodidnt last long and gave up pulling it out so after a while she just ended up playing in her sandpit!

Once I got some spoons to scrape the insides out she really loved it then and got stuck in scooping out the pumpkin (she didn’t actually scoop any out but she thought she did- and that it was brilliant – so that’s the main thing!). She was also pretty persistent on trying to sneakily steal the knife to play with and help cut the pumpkin up but at I figured it may just be a little bit too dangerous for a 19 month old so hid that one up pretty sharpish!





It didn’t take long to clear out the insides so whilst she was off having a play I got to work attempting to draw Chase from her new favourite show Paw Patrol. My artistic skills are basically nonexistent so you can probably see all the dodgey lines where I messed up a bit.


Then I cut out the lines. This was way harder than it looks. After a while of struggling to get out the smaller fiddly bits I had a bit of a brain wave and used the plastic round end of a cotton bud! (Or Q tip, depending where you’re from) This made it so much easier to do and I finished it in no time.


I would say she whole process probably took around an hour.


And the end result! Not too shabby if I do say so myself! Haha

The only downside being rather than the expected enjoyment/excitement – she was just terrified of it! Oh well, the OH thought it was pretty cool anyway!


I also did a Skye one and would love to do the whole clan! The eye fell through a little bit which really annoyed me as it just looks a bit weird now but then again give it a couple of days and it’ll all be rotten anyway – this made me feel slightly less annoyed!


What sort of carvings did you/your children do? We would love to see! 


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  1. I am so impressed by your carving skills! My daughter also loves Paw Patrol I wish I could do this for her! I’ve just bought a pumpkin and I think we’re going to paint it instead this year but I’m tempted to buy another pumpkin for me to carve just for fun anyway! #ThatFridayLinky

  2. We always loved pumpkin carving with our kids each year, too. But this year, we attempted waiting them instead. Was fun, but still not as much fun as carving. So probably will try carving again next year. Still loved how yours turned out and looked like you little one had a blast, too 🙂

  3. I love the debate on what to carve on the pumpkin each year. Our best investment was a kids pumpkin carving set from Asda I think a few years ago, not too sharp and a good handle to grip onto. #thatfridaylinky

  4. One of my twin girls loves paw patrol so will be checking this out Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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