A New Year, A Better Me?

Hello january

It’s a New Year! And I’m back with my first and slightly late post of 2018.

With each New Year comes more resolutions, goals and promises to become a better person. Scarily, only around 8% of people actually achieve their new years resolutions each year and  only 75% of people that set goals really follow them through past the first week in January. By setting reasonable goals you don’t have to become one of the 25% that give up after the first week. I love a good statistic!

Having a goal and something to work towards is great and gives us all hope of happier times and leaving the past behind us. With 2018 starting on a Monday there really couldn’t have been a better time to kick yourself up the behind and smash yur new years goals and resolutions.


Every year my goal is just to be happier and healthier which actually started right before Christmas when I was really poorly – there will definitely be a post coming up all about my not-so-great end of year! Positivity, happiness and prosperity.

My 2018 Goals:

Be healthy

Be happy

Drink water

Embrace yoga

Do it MY way.

Now, here are my tips for sticking to your new goals:

Plan, Review & then Plan again.

In order to smash our goals and really stick to them is to PLAN.

Failing to plan is a plan to fail.

This quote is one that has stuck with me since my school exam years when this is what every single teacher uttered. Now I’m an adult that is past the ‘I know everything’ stage (well, kind of.. ha) I can see how very true this statement really is.

This year I want to up my healthiness which means shedding some pounds and giving up the crap. Last year, and really every year before that I have set the same goal and each time I’ve failed. I realise now that this is because I was always jumping forward to the end result rather than enjoying the journey. In my head was just ‘I want to be thin’ rather than realising that I first need to change my lifestyle and unhealthy habits and accepting that it wont happen overnight. It is going to be a journey.

 This year I am taking it day by day, week by week and month by month.

Learn From Past Mistakes.

Leading on from my last point, it is important to realise where you went wrong previously. Was it your willpower? Was there an event that sent you spiralling and running for the naughty cupboard? Maybe you just weren’t 100% committed? Now look at the positives. What did you do well last year? Try and build from the good things and it will really help you for this year.

Write, Write, Write.

Writing down your goals either in your diary or in a book that you regularly look at will help you to stick to them. Out of sight means out of mind. If you’re struggling with that, here are some other motivation ideas:

  • Create a mood/vision board
  • Blog about your progress
  • Place post-it notes around with little reminders. Healthy eating reminders around the kitchen may actually be really helpful.
  • Be productive
  • Add reminders to your phone and calendars and any to-do lists you may have.


Renew & Review

Don’t be afraid to make changes as you go along. It isn’t always sustainable to stick to one goal, sometimes you have to change it and mould it to suit you and what is going on in your life. Having a quick review of where you’re at every few weeks or every month is a great way to help you to stay focused.

For example my main goal is to be healthier and so this for me means stepping up my gym game. At the end of each week I look better sick and review where I went wrong or what’s I need to improve on for the following week. My aim is three gym classes a week and I’m also going to try and come up with a little at-home workout for days where I would otherwise just be a couch potato all day long!


Keeping up the motivation can be very difficult. Some days you’ll need an extra push so try some of these:

  • Pin a vision board to the fridge as a daily reminder
  • Plan to review your progress every month by setting alerts
  • Make it a competition with a friend or family member

So I will totally be trying my hardest to keep up with my lovely little blog and I really hope this year I don’t let it slip like the past year. It isn’t always an easy thing to do, especially since life is easy to get in the way of our plans. I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be a really exciting year with loads of changes and I think my head space is really great for knuckling down with my fitness and healthy lifestyle so stay tuned!



We hope you’ve had a brilliant Christmas and a Happy New Year!!



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  1. Great tips. I never make new years resolutions but this year I have and it is all focused on me doing more, being more organised and pushing myself. I love the quote failing to plan is a plan to fail. I am writing everything down in the 3 diaries I got for christmas #kcacols

  2. Great goals and great tips. I set goals for the year, but find half way through the year I tweak them a little. Thank you so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

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