Halloween Half-Term Bucket & Spade List!

Half-term in our house doesn’t mean any changes to our week as neither Amelia or Max go to school or nursery. However since we’re coming up to Halloween and my youngest brother has broken up for school (Uncle James is 10) I’ve decided to make the most of them having a playmate and have a fun Halloween themed week!

My Little Pony: The Movie!

My Little Pony Movie

We went to see the Peppa Pig movie earlier this year and Amelia was actually really well behaved. Since she was only just 2 I was really surprised and impressed! She’s obsessed with My Little Pony so when I heard about the new movie release I knew straight away she would love to go.

Spooky Baking..

I love baking and I really want to get A & M more involved. Themed baking is always great fun

Slime Time!

Max doesn’t really like anything yucky on his hands which is probably down to us not really doing much messy play at home. Well this week that’s all about to change! I’ve seen some really cool recipes on Facebook and Pinterest that I want to give a go and see what A & M think about it.

Pumpkin Carving

Last year I made some pretty cool pictures on our Pumpkins (even if I do say so myself!) which you can find here. Amelia was pretty into Paw Patrol so I based the pictures on that. This year Max is tractor mad and Amelia is unicorn mad so hopefully my carvings will be semi eligible and they actually realise what I’ve made! Ha.

Pumpkin Patch Visit

pumpkin patch

Going to a real Pumpkin patch is something we’ve never done before and after not finding the time last year I’ve pencilled it in and we’ll be heading down there rain or shine! My main reason for going – other than to see Amelia’s excitement – is because I want to get loads of great pictures of A & M enjoying themselves.

Halloween Crafts

Pinterest parenting isn’t something I’ve perfected in reality, but my ‘Halloween crafts’ board is full of awesome ideas. Watch this space!

Day Out

Halloween Dairyland

There are plenty of half term Halloween activities going on at our local family adventure parks here in Cornwall. A lot of them are giving out free pumpkins for children upon entry which is pretty cool. Annoyingly they can be a bit on the pricey side so we can’t do as many as we would like to, but I’m hoping we get a nice-ish day, get all dressed up and head off to have some extra fun!

I’m hoping that we can have a really busy and exciting week in the lead up to Halloween before all of the Trick or Treating fun. They’re already been to an early Halloween party at their playgroup which they both loved.

Do you have any special plans for half term week? Are you planning anything to do with Halloween? We’d love to know 🙂


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