Pregnancy With A Toddler: Survival Guide

We had our children close together was the right option for us so we didn’t get any ‘only child syndrome’ or get used to life without nappies! My pregnancy with Max was a struggle with Amelia too. Children close in age can be a lovely thing with plenty of advantages and also plenty of hurdles.

Your children’s age gap is totally your choice and is down to whatever you feel most comfortable with. Some people prefer closer together whereas others would rather years to be further apart. One thing I can promise you is that being pregnant with a toddler is hard! So if you’re thinking about getting pregnant whilst you have a toddler running around, give this a little read!

The first 12 weeks will be a real test of your emotions, strength and patience. You’ll probably find yourself envious of first time mothers.

You will envy them having full control of their child enjoying and soaking up all of that newness whilst your toddler run around like an uncontrollable maniac.

You will envy them for being able to take a nap whenever the baby sleeps. Your toddler refuses to nap now.

You will envy them because their precious little bump wont be used as a toddler head rest. They wont have anybody jumping or kicking, poking or prodding.

pregnancyGo to bed early – Set a routine (if you don’t already have one in place) i.e bed at 7.30 bath before hand tea at 5.30pm and an hour of Peppa pig before bedtime. Sleeping will help you and your toddler feel much more refreshed.

Try to avoid late nights – There is a constant inner battle as a parent over staying up late to get some alone time, and catching up on much needed sleep. Do you chose alone time or sleep? Will you get this chance at peace again when you’re battling to get two young children to sleep?!

Set waking hours – One thing I have found great with waking hours is the Gro Clock. You set a bed time and wake time which helps to prompt your toddler as to the acceptable time to wake up. A lively and energetic toddler at 5am isn’t what a pregnant woman needs right now.

Eat well – Put yourself first sometimes, it is okay! In my third trimester some mornings I wake up and I just NEED food. Its okay to feed yourself first. Fuelling yourself is just as important especially when tackling another busy day.

Schedule playtime – Try to set an hour or two of playtime a day for one on one toddler time. This will help to make both yourself and your toddler relax and enjoy each others company more. Of course spontaneous bursts of energy to play are great but some days energy is few and far between.

Embrace tantrums – Toddler tantrums can usually diminish by having a good old cuddle with mummy. Embrace this now as you’ll miss the ability to drop everything for a snuggle on the sofa. Baby probably won’t be too happy about waiting

Walking & fresh air – Walking during pregnancy has so many benefits. Aim to take a walk a few times a week, or maybe once a day if you can. It only has to be a short 10 minute stint. Exercise will release those endorphins and uplift your mood whilst fresh air helps to refresh you.

Pregnancy is a struggle even without a toddler.

Ultimately try not to feel like a useless parent. Feeling useless is normal, and pregnancy is hard, but remember you aren’t hurting your toddler by being slower and a bit more lazy. You’re teaching them a really important life skill of patience and they won’t hate you for being a bit tired and different. They’ll grow and learn with you so don’t get too down about it or equally expect too much.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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