Poorly Child Means Jealous Child

With the changing of the seasons and the cold weather creeping in, along comes all of the coughs, colds, flu’s and sickness’s with it. And we have definitely been caught up in it all. Amelia and Max have both been full of cold, runny and stuffy noses as well as tickly coughs and to top it all off, one morning this week I got an arm full of sick from Maxy. So Poorly Child Means Jealous Child.


A poorly child only usually wants two things, and that is plenty of cuddles and plenty of sleep.

poorly baby

In theory this was brilliant for me! Now Max is 15 months old and well past that cuddly new-born phase, any kind of closeness that doesn’t involve being hit in the face by some kind of hard plastic object is pretty much off the cards. I wont lie, the next day when he was all better I was a bit gutted about the speedy recovery – I was really looking forward to some more Maxy snuggles and again, I wont lie, I did try to make him sit with me but that was a definite no go!

Whilst all of this was going on I also had a very fussy and overly-needy two year old.

poorly baby

Thinking back now I should have expected her fussiness really. Usually if one is getting attention then the other feels the need to jump right in and get involved too. Typical toddlers. However on this occasion from Amelia it was slightly excessive. She was trying to jump on us, lie on top of a sleeping Max and was just generally being a non-listening turd.

And so this has prompted this rather impromptu blog post: Dealing with a needy child whilst nursing a poorly child!

Poorly Child Means Jealous Child!

  1. Have snacks ready – lots of them.
  2. Make sure they’re well entertained with either the TV or toys.
  3. Set up some colouring tasks they can keep going back to.
  4. Be sure to give them plenty of cuddles too and explain why they have to be gentle and quiet.
  5. If you actually get a chance to put your poorly baby down, spend some one on one time with your toddler so they don’t feel as ignored. No matter how tempting it is to get on with some housework!

Luckily Max wasn’t poorly for very long but it was a pain when all Amelia wanted was to jump, shout and play and all Max wanted was peace and sleep!

How do you handle jealousy when another child really needs all of your attention?



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