The Question Of Independent Gymnastics

As you may know from my many various posts about Amelia’s gymnastics she has been doing it for a while now. Recently one of the coaches told me in conversation that she thinks Amelia is ready for the independent sessions held after the parent & child ones we regularly attend. So this has prompted the The Question Of Independent Gymnastics.

If she would benefit from me not being there then of course I would let her go for that hour and watch from the TV outside without interference. However I’m not 100% sure that she would benefit. I don’t think it is in her or her possible future dreams and aspirations best interests.

I know that she wouldn’t be pushed half as much if I wasn’t there.

The Sunday before her gymnastics session, Amelia slipped off a metal thing that looked like a beam at the park and landed right on her bum on the metal. I could tell it really hurt her and subsequently that then made her afraid of the beam the next day at gymnastics. She was bounding over all reading to go and then when I put her on there I realised her fear. Usually walking along confident not worried at all she was now shuffling slowly forward scared and wanting to hold onto me. She stood on the beam crying and half shouting that she needs help. I know some people wouldn’t agree with me and would think it harsh but I’m the kind of parent that knows that there will be no benefit to her getting down.

At that moment she needed tough love so overcome her fear and that’s what she got. I told her quite simply that she either does it now herself or she gets off and doesn’t go on again this session. After a little more fussing about not wanting to get off she did it! She walked all the way to the end and jumped off with the biggest smile just like I knew she would. After having a massive hug and recieving a lot of ‘well done baby’s, and ‘I’m so proud of you!!’ She went off for a play before tackling the beam again.

Again she was a little wary and we had some fussing and again I pushed and she did so well!

Basically I know that if I wasn’t there then she probably wouldn’t have gone on that beam
and definitely wouldn’t have walked the whole way all on her own more than once. She’s a very capable little girl and just goes from strength to strength each week and I do know that that is partly because I’m there giving her that extra push and not allowing her to really break the firm boundaries I already have.

Amelia is only two and I’m fully aware of just how young she is but to me these classes aren’t just a free for all and play around. They’re about learning new skills and honeing the ones she already has. They’re for helping her to progress from strength to strength. At the end of the day if I wanted her to just go and play and have fun jumping and running around then I’d take her to soft play for a fiver all day rather than a fiver for an hour.

Again a lot of parents and people would disagree with me but that’s just my way. My first priority is that my children are happy and having fun and my second is that they’re learning and bettering themselves.

You’re never too young to start.


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