From Fat To Fit: The Struggle.

I love to write blog posts on health and fitness, but if I’m completely honest sometimes they’re more idyllic than realistic. You see, like everyone I want to live the perfect healthy lifestyle and set all of these fantastic examples to my children and show off how fit and healthy we al are to everyone else, but in reality it’s hard.

Making the decision to live a healthy lifestyle if pretty easy. You go to the shop, buy loads of healthy food you’re never going to be able to eat before the sell-by, get yourself a gym membership and a wardrobe full of gym clothes and post Instagram worthy pictures all over social media t show off to the world that you’ve got this fit-life thing down.

The truth is though, you probably really haven’t. And I really haven’t either.

Generally I’m pretty good for exercise. At my local gym they have amazing classes and the instructor I do pretty much all my classes with is the best – she’s always happy and positive and even if you’re feeling the worst her positive attitude and vibes will make you feel like you can do anything! (Until you get past the warm up that is and shit gets reeeal!) For people like me that feel pretty sluggish and lazy after spending most of the day on the sofa with two young children, it can definitely be hard to force yourself to get out and sweat for about an hour after the bed time trauma so having someone that is so positive really does make you want to kick your own lazy behind and go, go, go! The main problem I really have is that other week of the month that cause some women to have crazy mood swings, want to eat until they burst and cry and tantrum just like a toddler. Yup, I’m talking about that week.

It really does suck to go so far off with my eating and I don’t usually go to the gym much, if at all, so getting back to being good is a struggle also. I’ve been trying to be a little better but the headaches, mood swings and tiredness I feel is usually enough to leave me broken on the sofa with cake and chocolate. But I’m doing it and usually it just takes that little step of really committing to going to the gym one time and smashing a class to reignite my dampened gym fire!

So basically this entire post was all about admitting that I’m far from perfect and far from having the Instagram worthy body and lifestyle that I sometimes kid myself into thinking I have and also if you’re on the same wave length then really don’t worry! It happens to all of us and it’s all about

Progress, Not Perfection.



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  1. I really want to get myself fitter again, and lose a little bit of weight, but its so hard to get motivated. I think as busy mums exercise is hard to prioritise, and although my main meals are healthy its the in between snacking and the fizzy drinks that knock me over the edge. x #twinklytuesday x

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