Group Exercise – The Key To Fitness?

If you’re anything like me and have a slightly competitive side then group fitness might just be the key and the kick up the bum you really need to make healthy lifestyle choices and change your body for the better.

Not everyone gets on well as the gym and it can put some people off – I mean it really is daunting entering a class full of experienced spinners or bodypump-ers but personally I find it brilliant!

I can 100% say that the best decision I made for myself was becoming a member at my local gym and attending my first ever spin class. I was pretty scared going on my own and almost didn’t actually go because I didn’t want to go all alone. But I did it! And I love it! I was exercising at home on and off for months and it just wasn’t getting me anywhere. I would constantly start my fitness DVD and then give up after the warm up because I was too tired, or I had Amelia and Max fussing and putting me off. Occasionally I would take them for a walk in the pram but again I wouldn’t do it if I couldn’t be bothered and I had no real motivation to get up and do it.


That was the key to my lack of success in my ‘Fit Mamma Journey’. Obviously exercising is tough and sweat.. Ew!! But unfortunately you don’t get results and the changes you need and want without getting exhausted and very very sweaty. This is why group fitness it perfect. It’s a lot easier to sustain a greater motivation when there are others oozing out motivation all around you than it is all on your own with a birds eye view of the sofa and a jumbo bag of chocolate buttons..

Pain is far more tolerable when you’re in a group atmosphere. When usually your muscles would be screaming and you feel like giving up being at home you probably would (well I would) but in a class you feel a push and carry on despite the pain you’re feeling. I do BodyPump at my local gym on Tuesday lunchtimes and I have a real love/hate relationship with this class. The sequences we do and the amount make it near impossible to get to the end but with a group full of other people pushing the same excruciating boundaries and an amazing coach at the front telling you that you really can do it and that we’re almost there makes ALL the difference.

If you’re really stuck in a fitness rut and being at home or working out alone just really isn’t cutting it and getting you the results you want then give group exercise a go. Sign up to a few different classes and find the one/s that are right for you and that you enjoy most and really stick with it. Don’t be afraid to go on your own if none of your friends are as enthusiastic as you.

I have a really long way to go until I’m happy with my body and a load more classes to try out but one thing I do know is that group exercise is definitely for me.

What is your favourite way to exercise? And do you do any sort of group exercise? If not, will you give it a go? If yes then I’d love to know what you get up to and how it works for you!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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