Hitting My 1st Weightloss Milestone!

I’ve been on and on and on and on and on – you get the picture – about losing weight and going on a diet for AGES! I’ve started, and stopped, and lost a pound or two here, then gained a pound or two there so ultimately I was getting nowhere – and just getting fed up and really annoyed with myself.

They say the key to losing weight is plenty of exercise and healthy food, well I was doing okay on the exercise side of things, but then still eating large meals and far too much rubbish. It was as though I had some strange need to eat loads when I didn’t actually need any food (if you see what I mean?)

And then two weeks ago something in my mind just clicked. Well truthfully I actually read a post by Aby from You Baby Me Mummy all about her incredible 7 stone weight loss and I thought ‘You know what? If she can lose that amazing amount of weight in a matter of months, then I can shift this 4 stone easy!’ And ever since then I really have had the kick up the arse that I needed – so Thankyou Aby!

You can read Aby’s post here if you haven’t already, it really will give you the kick up the bum you may be needing!

I read the post a few weeks and I decided that first I need to cut down on my food intake. Being a stay at home mum and quite literally staying at home the majority of the time means that when I get bored, I just eat and eat and eat. Most of the time I’m not even hungry! I’ve really cut back, just sticking to main meals, yogurts for snacks and not piling my plate up so much.

Since then I have hit my first milestone, of shifting half a stone!! Whoooo!! I’m so happy and feel loads better, in a motivated kind of way. I’m still so unfit! Which leads me to..

Goals for the coming week:

  1. Work on my fitness – I’m really feeling just how unfit I am so exercise is a big must to focus on this week
  2. Drink more water – I don’t like water at all, I usually drink loads and loads of juice during the day which is s lot of sugar I could really be avoiding.
  3. Lose at least 3 lbs. Last week I lost 5lbs and the only thing I changed was my food intake, so hopefully with lots of exercise I will be able to smash the ‘Lost 1 stone mark’!

Do you have any weight loss stories to help motivate me and spur me on? I’d love to know, please drop a comment with links etc 🙂


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