Top Dental Tips For The Whole Family

Hygiene is something we are all taught from a young age, but it is also something that we easily forget or often neglect. Honestly, do you always remember to brush your teeth twice everyday for 2 minutes? Do you always brush your children’s teeth twice a day for 2 minutes? The answer is probably not always. Often we are in a rush or just simply forget – and that is just one of those things in life. However it is super important to look after our teeth and help to promote healthy habits when it comes to our children. Following these simple tips will help us all to keep up healthy habits.

Young children obviously need help to brush their teeth, but did you know that children really need help to brush until they’re old enough to tie their own shoelaces or until approximately 8 years old.

Size guide: smear for under 3years and pea size for over 3 yers.

Always brush for a minimum of 2 minutes using a timer or mobile phone apps such as Disney Magic Timer, Brush DJ, Aquafresh Brush Time and Toothsavers.

It’s very important to brush all surfaces – inside, outside, chewing teeth surfaces and gums.

Always use fluoride toothpaste.

Teeth need to have full contact with toothpaste – the more the better – so spit don’t rinse.

Replace toothbrushes every 3 months.

If bristles on toothbrush are spread out of flattened then you’re putting too much pressure on when brushing, so replace toothbrush and brush more gently.

You should visit a dentist at lease once a year for a check up – aim for every 6 months.

Always ask for sugar free medicine from doctor or pharmacist and always use sugar free when bought yourself.

Avoid sugary drinks like smoothies and milkshakes. Drinks like tea, coffee, water and milk are great without sugar.

Avoid using baby bottles after 6 months and only use them for milk, from 6 months use a beaker or free flow lid for an open cup for water only.

Try to avoid sweet or sugary snacks between meals unless its a treat – eat 3 healthy meals a day to allow the mouth to recover from acid attacks.

Avoid smoking. Smoking creates gum problems which can cause wobbly teeth and bad breath.

I hope these little dental tips help to make your routine and teeth hygiene a little easier to manage. Remember teeth won’t look after themselves and it’s a super important topic to promote to children


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