Ways To Keep Healthy In Winter

As the evening are drawing in and we’re seeing dark skies before 9 o’clock in the evening (well, we are in Cornwall anyway!) it’s time to start thinking about the chillier seasons approaching and ways we can all stay a little bit more healthy this Winter. We all know that the Winter season is the time most of us pack on the pounds. It’s cold and dark and it just makes us want to eat and eat and eat..

I’m one of those people that love Winter and prefer the cold, layer inducing weather over Summer time any day of the year! In fact, I’m pretty much dreaming of the Christmas festivities before we’re even halfway through June.

One thing I’m really wanting to change this year is my families unhealthy habits like the evening snacking and fatty comfort meals (really we have these unhealthy habits all year around but Winter is significantly worse for snacking!) And since the season of the colds and aches and pains is just around the corner, I’ve been thinking of Ways To Keep Healthy In Winter:

Go To The Gym

If it’s too cold to exercise outside, or too wet for a walk, go to the gym. There’s no excuse to not go, and you can always find something that’ll get the blood pumping!

Get Cooking!

If you already know you’re a bit of a piggy when it comes to being a bit chilly or bored, make up a couple of healthy soups, sews and broths. Sometimes the last thing you can be bothered to do on a chilly evening is slave away cooking (I much prefer to be lazy under a fluffy blanket on the sofa) so on a day where you’re feeling particularly energetic, make up a big batch of your favourite soup and refrigerate or freeze! My favourite soup/broth is my Homemade Vegetable Soup you can find HERE.


It’s not always easy to get all of the recommended goodness simply from your diet and this is the same for children. Taking different vitamins or a multi vitamin everyday is a great way to ensure you’re getting everything you need to help your body fight off those Winter bugs.

Be Prepared

On days out, rainy days or school days keep spare blankets and a warm change of clothes in the car at all times! Especially for children going to school in the mornings, there’s nothing worse than getting into a freezing cold car so a blanket would be a great way to keep the kids cosy and thriving.

Wrap Up Warm

This is a pretty obvious one , especially if you’re leaving the house on a cold or rainy day. But it’s always important to remember that making children too hot is just as bad as them getting too cold so try not to go overboard.

This Winter I’m really hoping I can stick to a more healthy lifestyle rather than eating wrong, lazing around, and putting on the pounds.

Do you have any other ideas? I’d love to know!



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