Last Week’s Top Instagram Pics 05/06 – 11/06

Each week I’m going to pick out 3 Instagram pics that have great memories and tell you a little more about them. I love taking pictures of my children and posting them for everybody to see but sometimes it’s hard to really get across the full story on Insta.

So last week we ended up having a completely spur of the moment little fishing trip with daddy at the lake. We went to playgroup in the morning then met up down the lake to show Amelia and Max these really cute little carp – which of course they loved! Both were mega excited to watch them flip and flip around and get to stroke their scales and feel the different textures – a bit like a live sensory session!

As you probably know I’ve been working out at my local gym for a few months now and I’ve been loving it! One of the classes I regularly do is BodyPump and it’s the one that is one of the toughest, one that means you can really challenge yourself, and one that really gets the results and the body changes I’ve been wanting for ages. I guess it is kinda self explanatory from the little write up but I’d love for people that have given it a go to let me know what they think, or someone to give it a go for the first time after reading this and also let me know what they think!

Last week was Cornwall’s 3 day agricultural show and it was brilliant! (Full blog post will be popping up sometime this week) Amelia and Max were both amazingly behaved and clearly loved it all which was great to see! This one was taken in the poultry tent when I was capturing Amelia’s pure excitement over the different breeds (black and white ones, fuzzy ones etc!) and all of the different noises too.

These are my top picks from this past week! What do you think? I haven’t posted as many as I usually would since we’ve been really busy but I’ll be sharing some of my favourites from Royal Cornwall Show and hopefully a lot of others.

Thanks for reading!


Bridie By The Sea

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