Getting Back To YOU After Birth

Your body goes through an incredible amount during pregnancy, and those first 6 plus weeks after birth can be hell. From feeling achy and tired, to constant mood swings and multiple gross bodily functions it honestly can be the most draining as well as rewarding and amazing time of your life. Like navigating a minefield right?!

Every new mother goes through the same motions – no matter who you are – some feel a good kind of rubbish whereas others have never felt more rubbish in their life, and sometimes it really is hard to get back from that. In my personal experience, having a new baby that refused to sleep as well as having a very energetic toddler, I found myself feeling sluggish, lethargic and worst of all – feeling nothing like ‘myself‘. What I didn’t realise at the time was that I had put on a mental amount of weight (sounds crazy doesn’t it?? But I honestly didn’t realise I had put on a huge 4 stone) and it was really taking it’s toll on my physical and mental health.

Everything had changed. This once simple life I had with my amazing daughter who always slept all night long and was so happy to entertain herself for a greater portion of the day without any interference from me was suddenly replaced with sleepless nights, a fussy new baby and the dreaded terrible twos. It really took it out of me and things were rapidly going down hill. I was losing my temper a lot more, Jack and I were arguing almost every day (admittedly it was usually my fault and I was overreacting pretty much 24/7) and I needed a serious long hard look in the mirror.

The problem? I’d lost myself.

When it comes to finding yourself again after you give birth it – like everything else – is hard. You have to find something you’re good at, something you’re interested in or even just a quiet place to settle your thoughts. My place of release was the gym. Doing classes with a happy and enthusiastic atmosphere whilst thrashing out my frustration was exactly what I needed. my perfect bit of me time – the best way to find myself again.

Whatever you do to get back to normal is up to you, and as much of a vicious cycle it can be – its not easy to go out and live whilst you’re feeling down – it really does need to be done. Honest, it really will make you feel better.

Are you feeling yourself after baby? Or what did you do to get back to feeling like you again? Would love to know below 🙂


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  1. I lost a bit of myself after each child. I’m still trying to get back to being me but I know I never will completley. I have however, started to go out to the cinema or visit a friend every now and then which is helping alot.

  2. This is so true and so important. Glad you found something that worked for you – it takes years (and a lot of hard work and soul searching) for some women to find! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope to see you again next time!

  3. Watching “Victoria” last night, there was a line that I feel summed up becoming a first time mum perfectly. For me anyways.

    “Having a child is a blessing but it is also a sacrifice”

    We will never be the same version of ourselves pre motherhood I don’t believe.
    Thanks for linking up to #KCACOLS

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