Our Marvellous Monday!

Marvellous and Monday arent typically two words you see in the same sentence are they? Mondays are usually the abundance of hatred and the beginning of yet another crappy week of work, traffic and desperation to get back to the weekend.

Well my Monday was blooming marvellous!! As a stay at home parent each day is pretty much the same. The weekend isn’t a fantastic time – it’s just like any other day at home. Some times they’re good, sometimes they’re hell – like most days during the week too – so since I became a full time stay at home mum I haven’t really had the same abominable relationship with Mondays that a lot of people seem to.

With that being said, this Monday really was brilliant and I’m left feeling extreamly accomplished.

Monday mornings in our house are all about gymnastics. I usually wake up with about an hour to really wake up, feed clean and dress the children, feed clean and dress myself and them get us all in the car and drive over to Kernow Gymnastics Academy for the 9.30am hour long preschool gymnastics session. Unsurprisingly late and extremely flustered, I find that whilst Amelia is getting loads better at her listening, she’s still a typical two year old and I’m left feeling very hot and bothered from all of the chasing her around and under breath angry mutterings of ‘please listen’!!

This morning, however, was brilliant. Having sold some things on eBay, I wanted to head off early to go to the post office ahead of gymnastics, purchase some wallets to package things and post the few bits I’d already sorted the night before. To be honest I thought this was never going to happen but shocker! We did it! We woke up this morning with plenty of time, got us all fed dressed and off in the car with well over half an hour to spare.. result!! With the post office taking no time at all, we managed to make it to gymnastics with over ten minutes ’till starting rather than over ten minutes late.

Amelia had an amazing gymnastics session and with her cousin Kacey there too for her first ever gymnastics session, Amelia really did thrive taking on the ‘teacher’ role and showing Kacey how to do it all- it was so great seeing her excel at things she was previously a little bit scared on, like walking on the beam with no help from me and doing it all on her own!

After gymnastics we headed off to my mums house which is close by so Amelia and Max could have a quick play and I could write out all of my labels ready to take back to the post office. With 20 done in no time at all and only one payment left outstanding from last nights completed auctions I was definitely feeling accomplished!

By the time we got home just after lunch, Max was definitely ready for a nap so off he went for a blissful 3 hour sleep whilst Amelia and I sat down to watch some TOWIE and then a film.

At this point I would usually just flake out on the sofa watching tv and playing on my phone until I got the call from Jack letting me know he was finished at work and on the way home, which meant frantically sorting out some tea, fighting with the little monkey’s to put their toys away and having a quick hoover before tea, bath and bed routine.

Don’t ask me what came over me because one can only presume it was the sudden caffeine burst from a late afternoon coffee infusion (and possibly the bacon sandwhich from mum), but inspiration hit and I was a woman on a mission.

Our garden is a pretty small pebble-y mess with some dead potted plants, an overflowing sandpit and toddler toys everywhere. I really do hate it. My dream is to have a big gorgeous garden with a flower bed, apple trees, a play house, plenty of toys and a luscious lawn. Looking out the patio doors I decided that I would make the most of what I’ve got and went on a complete garden overhaul racking up 5 whole binbags filled with cardboard, weeds and whatever other random items we seemed to have littering up the place. I turned the corner next to the house into a little play area with the sandpit and water table in and parked up the car and slide between the shed and fence as a sort of makeshift ‘garage’

It’s still nowhere near the garden of my dreams but I’m feeling rather optimistic and looking forward to our garden centre trip tomorrow to find some hardy ‘Amie proof’ plants to replace the deceased, rotting mess that currently reside in my many garden pots.

Continuing with my cleaning spree, I got the living room all tidy and hoovered (with the help of my two trusty sidekicks) and made a good start on the kitchen and dining room.

So this was my day. It doesn’t sound like a lot but for me it really was a Marvellous Monday!

Have a great week everyone!

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