Max’s Nine Month Update

This update is a little late as Maxy is almost ten months old!! Time flies when you’re wandering around like a zombie, trying (and failing) to control a crazy terrible-twos-stage toddler and an extreamly adventurous heart attack inducing almost-toddler.


Oh my this boy’s hair has grown! It’s a very mousey brown with ginger flecks in the sun (that’s from my mother!) He’s pretty much past the funny looking baby stage and he’s really looking super cute now (my auntie says he looks less like sloth from the goonies film haha!) Unfortunately he inherited his fathers pointy elf-like ears which were very prominent when he was first born and bald, son now his hair is past his ears they’re much better disguised.

My favourite part about him are his bright steely eyes, Amelia’s are exactly the same and they really are beautiful. And one thing that really annoys me is how well they both tan, meanwhile mummy here is left looking like Casper. (Boo 🙁 !)


Other than the little flu type illness we all had last month he’s been really great. Max has been a lot more of a poorly child than Amelia ever was, picking up on pretty much every illness going. We’re currently battling with an awful case of nappy rash.


Thank the lord he has FINALLY settled down on the sleeping front. He’s in his own bedroom and loving it! He sleeps right through 95% of the time and has his new little sheep teddy in with him which he cuddles a lot. We got him a Tractor Ted blanket for Christmas and his face completely lights up everytime he sees it and he snuggles right in, it’s so cute!


This boy really will eat anything. Including most of the sand from a beach we went to a few weeks back! Safe to say his nappy was a bit scratchy the next day! Just like his daddy he loves a good roast and always needs snacks when we’re out and about to keep him amused (definitely just like his daddy! Haha)


So much has changed in 3 months since his 6 month update. He can now crawl, sit up, stand unaided, he’s taken a few steps unaided and can also climb a flight of stairs very quickly and giving Mummy a near heart attack! It won’t be long before he’s full on walking at this rate.


Mamma was his first word and is still his favourite word, but he’s also learned to say dadda recently too. When he wants picking up he’ll lift up his arms and usually I get his bottle thrown at me when he wants some milk. I think it’s an impatient and demanding boy thing.


We officially have 4 teeth! The top two only started to poke through in the last week or two and he looks so cute and goofy! I love this stage where the top and bottom are matching and everytime he smiles we just get a real gummy tooth flash!


Our little Max is always so happy and smiley! I’ve never known a baby to smile as much as he does! He’s really cheeky and knows when he’s being a little monkey, usually grinning when he gets told no or if we ask what he’s doing.


  • Food! He would eat all day long if I let him!
  • Annoying his sister – he’s always following her around and grabbing at her things then pulling all of the toys off the shelves which makes Amelia very cross!
  • His big sister. He loves playing with her!
  • Dogs – they don’t seem to like him however, especially after he pulled my aunties dog by its leg and ripped out a lot of his fur, poor Milo!
  • Bathtime! It’s always a lot of fun with two splashing away, and it’s also a lot of tidying for Mummy afterwards!


  • Sitting still
  • Being dressed or having his bum changed – this involves being pretty still!
  • Having no food
  • Going in his car seat
  • Being told no.

Maximus is growing up so fast, like they always do, and it’s scary to think I’m just a few months he will be a whole year old!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I think I had read his 6 months’ update, and it’s really nice to read these 🙂 It’s an amazing thing for you to keep and look back on, as you’ll have forgotten in just a few months! Glad his sleep has settled down too! I love his hair 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope to see you again next time!

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