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Sleep when you’re a parent can be pretty hard to come by! The first 3-4 months with Max was something just short of a nightmare. He was up every hour or two and would just fuss for no reason at all for a few weeks before I started sleep training him.

At 2am when your half asleep and have a raging headache it’s easy to forget the simplest of things. Sometimes I would give him a bottle and put him straight back in his crib and wonder why he was whinging non stop for the next ten minutes until my brain kicked in and I realised that he probably just wanted his nappy changed.

I started to dread night times. To be honest I felt like I was failing as a mother bexcuse I didn’t know what he wanted at night and then I was failing as a mother and a partner during the day. I was too tired to play, too tired to be nice, too tired to be stress-free and too tired to give a shit. Amelia had to go through a time of being mothered by the TV whilst I took any opportunity I could to catch a quick nap on the sofa and Jack had to put up with a tired and grumpy mess whilst being tired himself.

Amelia was always the best sleeper. She slept right through from day one and rarely woke me up before 8am. Still now she’s almost two I can scarcely count the amount of times she’s woken up in the night on one hand.

At 6 months old I knew something needed to change. I wasn’t getting much sleep and it was really taking a toll on us all. So I asked my health visitor and she told me to stop going to him every time he fussed. She said he was more than likely only making a fuss because he wanted a bit of attention and the  est thing would be to put him in his own bedroom so we weren’t disturbing him either.

Things I’ve learnt through sleep training:

1. Sometimes they just want your attention.

2. It’s okay to leave them cry!

3. It’s okay to pick them up and give in.

4. You might just need to put them downstairs or in a different room and let them get it out of their system.

5. They won’t be scarred for life.

6. It will make everyone feel so much better – including baby.

7. They won’t just scream all night (unless they’re actually hungry) soon they’ll settle themselves down.

8. They won’t be feeling abandoned.

9. It’s okay to have a mini break down!

Hearing your baby cry and knowing there’s nothing you can do is hard. Max is just being a typical stubborn and somewhat needy little boy. I know that 99% of the time he really doesn’t want or need anything and even me talking to him or cuddling him doesn’t make any difference!

Max has been in his own room for a month now and he’s only ever really up once a night which is amazing! I pop his bottle in his mouth and he jut drifts right off to sleep again. It’s amazing having some sleep and we’ve even had a full night or two of sleep!

How did you find sleep with your little one? Did you do any sleep training?


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  1. It’s so hard when you’re at the no sleep stage, you feel like it will never end and then all of a sudden you have a few good nights and then a few more and eventually it becomes the norm. My youngest took till she was 19 months to reliably sleep through, even now at just 20 months we still go to bed not 100% confident of a good nights sleep!

  2. My first was like this, it was so tiring. I was his comforter. In the end we gave him a teddy for comfort and had to do a controlled crying method to get him to sleep. I couldn’t do cry it out but the controlled crying worked and he was sleeping through the night after a week and we had left it until he 8 months old. Things are different this time around as my girl just did it. She started self soothing and sleeping through at 4 months old and it’s only occasionally that she wakes in the night.
    What I have learned is that parenting is doing what you need to do to get by and whatever works for you as a family. #thatfridaylinky

  3. Sleep deprivation is tough but I have always believed do what is best for you super post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  4. Ah sleep deprivation is tough. Thankfully we’re at the stage where our girls sleep through the night, but they do come into our bed which isn’t great. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

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