February Highs

February has been plagued by the cold and endless illnesses in our house and as I’m writing this now I’m currently down with this terrible flu like thing and so are the little ones! So it’s going really great ha ha. Amelia sounds like she has a frog in her throat, Jack can barely talk at all (which isn’t too bad ha) and Max has a very red and swollen eye that looks infected and it endlessly gunky as well as a very runny nose.. I haven’t been to the gym or done anything at all fitness wise for over a month which sucks. Aside from these minor set backs, we have actually had some really great times this month which I’ll share with you here for our February Highs!



Snow in Cornwall is seriously rare and the last time I can remember actually having any real snow down here was when my youngest brother was born around 10 years ago! I’m so glad we got to have a little bit this moth – even though it was freezing cold as I kept being reminded by Amelia.. It didn’t last long and we only went out for all of about three minutes but they really did love it and Amelia keeps asking when we’re going to get some more!

Amelias 1st Time On Her Scooter

amelia scooting

Santa got Amelia a scooter for Christmas which she was super happy about it and desperately wanted. With the terrible weather the only place she has been able to use it is indoors so it was great to be able to go down to the local park and actually use it.. even if it was boltic and ended in a major tantrum..



We all love pancakes here and these two loved ones help mix them up. We’ve also had them every week since pancake day too which has been amazing!

Max’ First Haircut


I was really nervous about getting my baby boy’s hair cut for the first time. All I could think was how grown up he’s going to look and that’s he won’t look like a baby anymore or worse yet, the cut may be terrible but our hairdresser is awesome and I actually love it.

Getting Out On The Farm


All of my favourite childhood memories are the fun we used to have growing up on a farm and playing around on the quads, feeding the cows and riding around in tractors. Amelia and Max love to go up there too and see the animals and tractors. Although we go to mums house every week, we haven’t been up there in a while so getting to have a play and ride in tractors was loads of fun for the little munchkins!

Easter Baking

rice krispie nests

Baking is a way to get everybody together in the kitchen and this last weekend (before the germs spread to me and the kids) whilst Jack lay down poorly we decided to make some yummy treats which you can find in full here.

Eden Project

the eden project

I’ve never been to The Eden Project until last month and even though it was a drizzly and dreary day, the kids loved it. A full post will be coming up soon!

Currently I have everything crossed that sooner rather than later we’ll all start feeling 100% again and we can get out and have plenty more adventures next month which will be really exciting since it’s Amelia’s 3rd birthday!

What are your best bits from February? We’d love to know below 🙂



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