March Highs

This month will always be a very special and exciting one because it’s Amelia’s birthday month!! It does get a little mad towards the end of the month what with the big birthday and then Easter but we managed to do so much this month and its lovely to look back on. There has been a lot of stress in my family due to illness and sometimes its hard to move past that and it becomes very easy to let the bad overshadow the good which is exactly the reason I love doing these monthly high posts. So here we go with our March Highs!

Amelia Turned 3!!

amelia's birthday

I was actually really late with sorting everything out for Amelia’s birthday but it all came together brilliantly in the end and she had a wonderful time. We started off with opening presents, then Jack had a hospital appointment first thing in the morning so we went over to my mums house for more presents and fun whilst he was there. After that we came home with a very happy little girly who had a Happy Meal from McDonalds for her lunch (as per her request) and whilst Max had his afternoon nap we just chilled out with Amelia playing her new games and playing with her new toys. Around 3 o’clock in the afternoon whilst Max was still napping and Jack dozed off on the sofa too (we had a very late night setting everything up which was delayed by Amelia being sick all over herself and her bed from eating far too much at the cinema!) I took Amelia over to her other Nannie’s house to pick her up (Jacks mum) and bring her and more presents and cake back to our house for Amelia to open. In the evening we had a meal out with close family which was really great and Amelia had such a brilliant time and was most definitely spoilt by everybody who loves her.

Peter Rabbit

peter rabbit

On the 25th, the day before Amelia’s birthday is my youngest brothers birthday and this year he turned 11. We really wanted to take Amelia to the cinema on her birthday (Monday) but after looking the only showing they had was 6pm which is firstly far too late for her and secondly would mean she wouldn’t have been able to go out for a meal – something she was really looking forward to. Instead, we doubled up with my brother James who wanted to go to the cinema anyway for his birthday and we all went off to see Peter Rabbit on Sunday just after lunch time. Amelia has been to the cinema a few times before always with me but never wither dad so it was really nice that we were all able to go. The Peter Rabbit film was hilarious and we all had a great time with plenty of treats and laughs. If you haven’t seen this film, its definitely worth a watch – whether you have children or not!



We actually had a few snow days this month which was amazing! We went over to my mums house and had a play on sledges and then went in for a hot chocolate and another day Amelia and Max juts played in our little garden but they had so much fun both times so it really was lovely.

Rock Hunting


Painted rocks have taken Cornwall by storm – which you can read about here – and we have had so much fun hunting, painting and re-hiding these awesome rocks this month.



I love bowling and the last time we went was for my 18th birthday some 2 or 3 years ago. In March we decided to get the whole family together for a big bash for my Auntie who isn’t very well. It was so nice having the whole family having such a  great time and the little ones loved it so much! They all keep asking to go again, especially Amelia who’s 3, my goddaughter Izzy who is 4 and my cousin Kacey who is also 4!

Beach Trip


I made a Spring bucket list which I haven’t shared but really ought to and on there was walking on the beach. We actually did this twice and the kids had so much fun! Amelia was so excited to find loads and loads of shells and different pretty rocks and the morning ended with Max falling over when the wave crashed around is feet and he got totally soaked. He loved it though and after he go over the shock he really wanted to do it again haha.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Easter

When I was really young (around 3/4)I used to live in a different village close by where my Aunties and Nan still live so when they have activities on we still like to go and get involved. On Saturday the 31st the put on a little Easter Egg hunt in the afternoon for the children at the community centre and has a crafts table, bouncy castle and Easter Bonnet competition. Before we went we spent the morning decorating Easter Bonnets and Amelia got a prize just for entering which she was really happy about. The actual hunt wasn’t that greaqt from an organisation point of view because the older children than could run around faster took all of the eggs which meant there weren’t any left at all for the younger ones but luckily my cousin found one and we hid that one just for Amelia and Max to find so they felt a bit better. My Nannie came down too which was really nice and then afterwards we send the rest of the afternoon at my aunties house.

Easter Party


Amelia and Max attend a local stay & play parent & toddler session on Friday’s and there they were having an Easter party. There was cake, fun and games and lots of snacks and messy play. Needless to say they had a great time!

Thanks for reading! What were your best bits from March? We’d love to know 🙂




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  1. Wow, it seems like a pretty eventful month, and a fab birthday for your gourgeous little girl!
    Birthdays and a beach walk featured in our month too, in March, along with moving into our new home. And the snow of course… I’m glad that April has brought more warmth and sunshine, finally! 😊x #KCACOLS

  2. I think we’ve missed the boat with Peter Rabbit but we will definitely watch it when it comes out on DVD. A belated happy birthday to Ameila! #KCACOLS

  3. It looks like you had a fun and very busy month. We have 4 birthdays in March so it gets manic and one of them is my daughters too just a few days before Amelia’s #kcacols

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