October Highs

This months monthly highs post is a little late but I guess better late than never right?! There’s been so much going on in October and we have loads of highs to share with you all and it’s a great to have these memories to look back on. You can find our September Highs here.


Near our house we have a brilliant playgroup/ stay & play session on a Friday morning that lasts about 2 hours. There’s a baby corner, full of cushions and sensory bits, an outdoors area with mud kitchen and ride on cars and scooters and then different sensory activities each week – it really is a great place that keeps the little ones busy 24/7.

Amelia was a baby when I first took her to this session and I stopped when Max was born because it was a bit difficult having a toddler into everything and a baby that wanted to shuffle around and couldn’t be left. Now that they’re both walking it’s so much easier to take them and they both love it!

Another great thing about this playgroup is that they regularly have fundraising events and competitions – and we’ve been doing quite well on that front lately! I baked and decorated a cake for the bake sale in aid of endangered animals which I won a bar of toblerone for! Which was great!


A few weeks later Amelia won the prize for best dressed toddler at he Halloween party which she thought was brilliant! She did look really cute even if I do say so myself! Of course she was super happy about winning some Halloween chocolates.

Halloween witch

Pumpkin Carving

Last year Amelia was a bit young to grasp the whole carving concept and Max was only a baby. This year they were both old enough to try and gut their own pumpkins whilst I carved. In theory this was a great plan but Max thought it was ‘Ergh’ and Amelia pulled out a few pips and then decided the sandpit was much more fun.

The whole process was really fun and at the end of it all we ended up with some beautiful pumpkins.

carved pumpkins

Cinema Trip

Amelia is My Little Pony obsessed so when the movie was released we had to go and watch it. She loved the whole cinema experience and what made it better is that her Nannie and Uncle James went too and got her loads and loads of snacks!

my little pony cinema

My Little Pony Cinema

Pumpkin Patch

You can read all about our disastrous Pumpkin patch visit here! Honestly it wasn’t really that bad and it was for sure one of the best times we’ve had. Sometimes the funniest and biggest memories happen when you completely least expect it.

Pumpkin patchPumpkin patch

Family Time

On the weekends we have been heading off down to the lake with a good old Happy Meal for the kids to visit daddy whilst he’s been busy fishing. We’ve also been going swimming a bit and Amelia has grown and grown in confidence and is not happily swimming around the pool all on her own! (With arm bands and a floaty jacket!)

eating mcdonaldsSwimming

Trick Or Treating

When it came to the question of this year’s Trick or Treating I was slightly dubious about whether it would be a good idea to take Amelia and Max or not. Amelia was a bit scared of the Halloween decorations in the shops so I figured she would be pretty freaked when it came to going out in the dark with all the scariness. We did have a few wobbles but on the whole she absolutely loved it! Even Max had a great time and for the few houses he did get to walk to he thought it was so much fun and they both loved getting handfuls of sweets too!


Dairyland Trip

We went to our local family farm adventure park with my mum, youngest brother, Auntie and two cousins to get the kids into the Halloween half-term activities. The highlight for Amelia was definitely the pony rides! It was great to be able to get them out of their usual gymnastics, shopping and playgroup routine and take them somewhere fun that they can just run wild with family and have an amazing time.


October really was a brilliant month packed full of family fun for all of us. With my favourite holiday Christmas coming up I know that these next few months are bound to be great too.

What was your October like, and what were your highs? We’d love to know!


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