October Highs

This month has been a pretty exciting one what with growing and expanding the blog and getting to watch Amelia and Max grow and become little characters. This is the first ‘Highs’ post I have done on the blog. After seeing so many others doing similar posts and loving the positivity and that people are focusing on the good I really wanted to get involved.

New Park


The new local park opened this month so we took our first trip at the beginning of October, and have been loads since! Amelia really loves it and it’s prefect for toddlers so seeing her happiness and excitement when she first set eyes on the climbing frames was definitely a high this month.



Max was 3 months old at the beginning of this month and also this month he started to almost roll right over! He is so close now and everyday we’re watching cheering him on. I’m really excited for him to hit this first big movement/milestone.

Mum’s The Word


Since going self hosted about a month ago I’m really proud of how well my little corner of the bloggersphere is going. I do owe a lot of this to joining in with linkys and making more of a platform on Twitter.



A few weeks ago I was approached by Bubele – a really great company designed to help families find things to do in their local area. As the first ever editor in Cornwall I’m pretty proud to have been given this opportunity and I have just completed my first newsletter! A more detailed write up will be appearing on the blog shortly but until then any Cornish readers can join here.

Baby Injections


The first two lots of Max’s injections out of the way, we are half way through which is really great as I totally hate this part of motherhood. The vaccinations are 100% necessary, but as a hater of needles and seeing my baby get all upset I’m definitely glad we’re half way through!

Toddler Gymnastics


Amelia has statted preschool gymnastics and she absolutely loves it! The atmosphere and people there are so lovely. She is such a confident little girl and straight away she dived right in and got involved.

Halloween Baking


This is the first time I’ve done some proper baking getting Amelia really involved and it was so much fun! She really loved it and they tasted so good. You can read up here.

Pumpkin Carving


I was really proud of the pumpkins that I carved this year for Halloween and actually having some patience to do a good job! The best part was definitely Amelia helping and trying to get involved – although she is a bit of a princess and really doesn’t like getting her hands dirty!

Halloween Party


On the Sunday before Halloween we went to the Screech Owl Sanctury that is just a few minutes drive from our house. As it was the OH’s mothers birthday the next day she decided she would rather do something fun for the children and have a nice tea afterwards which was all actually really lovely! It was great seeing how excited Amelia was at all of the owls and animals.

First Halloween


This year was Max’s first Halloween and my first Halloween with two babies. Naturally I had to get them matching outfits and they looked super cute!

So these are all of my October Highs, what were yours?


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  1. Sounds like a fantastic month happy your blog is growing well super cute pictures Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  2. One of my girls started ballet last week and she loves it. She’s mentioned gymnastics too, but we’ll just stick to the ballet for now! Looks like you had a good October. Thanks for linking up to That Friday Linky

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