September Highs

This month has been jam packed! We’ve been here, there and everywhere and Amelia and Max are growing like crazy. The last time I did a Monthly High post was almost a year a go (here) and I honestly cant remember why I didn’t carry it on – it’s great to focus on the good that has happened this month and reflect on the awesome memories and positivity.

Family Time/Meal

At the beginning of the month it was Ellie’s 21st (my cousins girlfriend) so the whole fam went out for a meal. We went to the local Penhale Round which has a little play area outside for the kids to run around. Football was on so Jack had to stay home so it was just me and the littles! Both Amelia and Max were in a seriously bad mood which did cause a mini-mummy breakdown but everyone was so lovely that it made me feel loads better and gave me a huge boost! We ended the night with a family photo which is a lovely thing to look back on.


Amelia’s Gymnastics

It has been a little over a year since Amelia first started gymnastics. She’s been going from strength to strength and really does make me so proud each week. Just this month she’s completely let go of her fear of the beam and will walk the whole length now without any help from me at all. Her listening is getting better and better each week and doing all of these cool little tricks on the bar! Olympics here we come 😉 haha!

Garden Clean Up

I’ve never been that great with my garden if I’m honest. I gave it a go when Amelia was a baby so it was more presentable for the summer but if I’m honest it’s just been a complete mess for months. Then I woke up one day and decided I’d had enough of this weedy mess and that we needed a trip to the local garden centre. I re-potted plants, bought some new cold-hardy ones to last throughout autumn and winter, made a sandpit & water table corner for Amelia and Max and even scrubbed the grime off of the patio! It really does look great now – even if I do say so myself! (You can read about it here)


We decided to go to the local swimming pool this month which to be honest I was dreading. Every time I’ve taken Amelia swimming since the age of about six months its just been more drama than its worth. I spend the whole time trying to get her to stop screaming and clinging onto me like a sea urchin! This is exactly what I was expecting this time but worse because Max has never been all that keen on swimming either but it was actually really good! Amelia had on her water wings and vest and was off! She was actually swimming and kicking her legs all on her own with no help and no one holding her so we were really proud! Even Max wad having a load of fun in his ring and splashing about in the tiny pool.

Summercourt Fair

Every September the fair comes to town! Well actually it’s the local village fair where I used to live so we definitely made the most of it. Amelia and Max loved it of course with all the rides, noise and bright lights.

Stay & Play!

There’s nothing worse when you’re a parent than feeling really alone and like the only people you see are babbling, poo machines that cant hold a conversation unless its about Peppa pig, so now that the holidays are done and dusted it’s back to our beloved stay and play sessions with actual adults. Hallelujah!! We also went back to a local one to me that is brilliant for messy play. I decided to stop after I had Max and he started to move because Amelia was always on the go running to different activities here and there as well as playing outside so it was really hard t keep up with her whilst holding Ma or having to leave him on the floor in the cosy corner – not really ideal when there’s about 20 toddlers charging around all over the place!

So these are all of my September Highs! What were yours?


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  1. Well done on sorting the garden, I’m terrible at keeping on top of that sort of thing. I really need to start taking my 3yr old swimming, she really git her confidence up on holiday and I don’t want her to lose it again, it’s just a hassle. Sounds like you’ve had a great month.
    Thanks so much for linking up with #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time x

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