My Sunday Photo #13

This week has been very scattered with a lot of off the cuff outings and Amelia has been a bit under the weather too. My youngest brother has had tonsillitis for a week of two and now my mum has also got it so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this is why Amelia has been a bit peaky the past few days.

Since it was bank holiday Monday car boot on and mum and I have been having a huge clear out and have done a few car boots over the past month so took the opportunity to shift some more bits. We ended up taking two less bin bags home than we took which was a good result! The weather was amazing and Amelia spent the day toddling around messing up all of the pre-organised clothes which she loved!

We took a little trip to our local park to meet up with some new people on Tuesday but I didn’t manage to get any pictures of Amelia playing which is a real shame. The park isn’t the best for toddlers as it’s pretty old, outdated and dangerous but Amelia’s loved climbing on the bottom of the slide and just sitting there and only actually went down it a few times.

Wednesday was really busy – In the morning we went out to the local town of Wadebridge with my friend Louise which Amelia liked because I didn’t take her buggy so she got to walk or be carried the whole time. After looking in a few shops, we sat and had lunch in The Glass House where the food was lovely but the waitresses seemed a bit snooty about Amelia being there. She was really well behaved i thought considering she had missed out on her nap! After this, we went to Next to do a bit more shopping before picking up some Mcflurry’s from McDonald’s then heading off to meet Jack over the lake. We were super tired and all of us just ended up laying down in the sun waiting for Jack to finish feeding the fish and rowing around. Over at my parents farm they were just starting silage and since Jack was driving the tractor with the trailer this was a great opportunity to take Amelia up to see the cows and tractors. She really loves tractors ad as soon as we saw the first one tipping in the pit she was shouting ‘tractor!!’ over and over again. In between waiting for the tractors to turn up so she could see her daddy, we wondered around in the sheds looking at the cows. The weather was so lovely so even in the evening once it had clouded over it was still lovely and warm! We ended up staying at mums house until quite late as this was when Jack finished work but Amelia had fun watching Peppa Pig with mum and James so I got a bit of time to go off for a ride with Jack in the tractor.

Thursday was pretty quiet with mainly a lot of tidying up. Last week I ordered a new unit from Ikea for Amelia’s bedroom so after I put this together there was a lot of rearranging of our bedrooms. I have been trying to sort out the baby’s bedroom so his clothes can be set out nicely but there seems to just be no room at all! In between all this organising we also had a visit from my cousins and god daughter Isabelle in the morning then some new friends we met at the park on Wednesday came over in the afternoon for a natter.

I was a bit worried Amelia has tonsillitis too so I got her a doctors appointment on Friday morning and got told to come back next week if she was still running a temperature and not being her usual self as the nurse couldn’t see anything at the back of her throat just yet.. Then we went to Morrisons afterwards and got a disposable BBQ and some BBQ food for tea time on Saturday.

I love going to local car boot sales and there was an indoor baby clothing and other items sale on Sunday morning so this is where we headed off in the morning. I mainly like going to these to stock up on more baby clothes! After this we went up to help mum set up the stand for our local Royal Cornwall Show taking place next week.

Anyway, here is my Sunday Photo from Wednesday.

We hope you’ve had a good week and a Happy Sunday! 🙂


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