My Sunday Photo #8

When toddlers get bored.. Let them throw rocks!

Amelia really loves the outdoors; especially going down to her daddy’s lake for a run around and this is where I have found yet another favourite photo. 

Unsurprisingly it was yet another drizzly day in Cornwall so this meant it was time to whip out the trusty puddle suit and welly boots before going off to play and try to spy some fish. We didn’t have a life jacket for Amelia so couldn’t take her out on the boat which really upset her so after trying – and failing – to walk across the water to daddy, and realising that no matter how much she kicks mummy, she is also unable to do this, mummy decided to introduce the art of throwing rocks to make some really big splashes! (And in an attempt to diffuse any further tantrums) Safe to say this kept my little MeelieMoo entertained for a vey long time.

 She didn’t totally forget that she was left on the bank whilst daddy did some rowing and kept shouting ‘dad’ every now and then but I just kept adding to her pile of rocks to throw which kept her happy. (This also kept mummy very happy as she could get all snap happy with her phone with plenty of action shots catching the splashes just at the right time!)

We hope you’ve had a really lovely end to April just like we have! Happy Sunday! xx


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