My Sunday Photo – Winter Walk

One of my aims for 2017 is to go outside everyday, another is to walk more – this week we decided to brave the (very) cold weather and venture out to stretch our legs.

The double buggy was left at my mums house a few days before so we couldn’t take a long walk as Amelia had to walk since Max needed the buggy. It was really lovely to just go out and have a steady stroll which they both loved! Amelia found a cat to play with and saw loads of dogs to which she shouted ‘Dog! Eat!’ (We still aren’t sure whether she means the dog is eating or she wants to eat the dog??!)

Having little legs means for the walk back we had a bit of a grumpy Amelia that just wanted to pull poor Maxy out of the buggy so that she could sit instead but eventually we made it back and snuggled up under the blanket to warm up!


It was lovely having a winter walk with my two baby bears and I look forward to some more next week!

Happy Sunday!



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