Halloween Cupcakes

We’re making our way through the Autumn Bucket List and this time we’re sharing our Halloween Cupcakes!

I haven’t done much baking for a while since Max was born so it was fun getting back into it with a nice themed bake. Amelia is a bit older now so thought it would be really fun having a little helper in the kitchen.. well that is until she got bored and apparently Peppa Pig was the better option after a while!

I used two recipes from The Hummingbird Bakery book.


The first ones we made were the Vanilla Cupcakes.



Then, (Amelia had long gone at his point) I made some Chocolate Cupcakes.



I also used a Hummingbird recipe for the buttercream frosting on the vanilla cupcakes, and found some Betty Crocker chocolate fudge ready made icing in the cupboard for the chocolate cupcakes. I really hate icing sugar – it gets everywhere! – so I was really glad of this!


Now for the best bit – my pretty cute little helper!

She loves putting ge cases in the tray and helped with some pouring and mixing too but as this required mummy to make sure it doesn’t go all over the floor I didn’t get any pictures of this.


Hope You All Had A Lovely Halloween!


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