Top Educational Apps For Toddlers

Just because the iPhone was developed for adults, there are still plenty of fun and educational apps for our young children. It is also really handy for travelling,eating out or doctors waiting rooms to help curve boredom tantrums, so why not make the most of the educational apps listed below.

I’m not at all a fan of children being glued to electronic games and having their face behind a screen rather than being out in fresh air. I always – and always will – ensure that my children have very limited time, even with these fully educational apps.

These apps are all great for children under the age of 5 years to aid development. Sometimes electronic and interactive learning could actually be more beneficial than just paper and books as it has the interactive feature.


Toddler Flashcards

  • Cost: Free
  • 20 cards
  • Interactive flashcards
  • Animal sound effects and spoken audio
  • Real pictures, not cartoons
  • Chose from 1 of 13 languages
  • Teaches children the names of animals, foods, numbers, letters and objects
  • Upgrade available for an extra 9 languages


Learn To Talk First Words

  • Cost: £1.49
  • Flash cards for language development
  • Sight and sound learning
  • Teaches basic vocabulary and early language skills


Peekaboo Barn

  • Cost:Free/£1.49
  • A fun learning farm adventure
  • Teaches the names of 16 barn animals
  • 12 languages
  • Visual and animal sounds


Peekaboo Party

  • Cost: £3.99 (£1.49 per individual app)
  • Includes Peekaboo barn, Peekaboo forest, Peekaboo Fridge, Peekaboo presents, Peekaboo trick or treat.


Wheels On The Bus

  • Cost: £2.29
  • Interactive version of the classic nursery rhyme song
  • Listen to the song in 5 different languages
  • Touch different objects on screen to open bus doors, make windshield wipers swish and bubbles pop
  • Voice recorder feature
  • 8 sing along verses
  • Develop concentration and memory skills
  • Add a photo of your child to personalise



  • Cost: £0.79
  • Simple sing-a-long app
  • 6 different songs with animated lyrics page
  • Musical instruments with simple animated lyrics
  • Positive musical encounters
  • Early reading skills


The Cat In The Hat – Dr Seuss

  • Cost: £2.99
  • Features all original drawings and text from the book
  • Background sound effects
  • A choice of read it myself or read to me settings
  • Words are highlighted to match narrator speed – increases word recognition


Dr Seuss Read, Learn & Play Book Bundle

  • Cost:£10.99 (£17.94 bought individually)
  • Includes The Cat in the Hat, The Lorax, Green Eggs and Ham, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Dr Seuss’s ABC, Oh, the Places You’ll Go


Farm 123 – StoryToys Jr

  • Cost: Free/£2.49
  • 3D pop up book for toddlers to learn counting
  • Mini games at multiple difficulty levels to help children learn to count
  • Several languages


Zooper ABC Animals

  • Cost: Free/£2.29
  • A fun way to learn the alphabet
  • Lots to keep children engaged
  • Animations and sound effects

Writing Wizard

  • Cost: £3.99
  • Trains children to write accurately
  • Detailed reports to aid parents to help monitor children s progress
  • Can create multiple user profiles
  • Add custom words
  • Multiple languages


Tractor Ted – Farm Fun 1

  • Cost: Free
  • Tractor Ted hooks children into the countryside and farming
  • Filmms, big machines, animals, jigsaws, stickers plus funny bits
  • 6 activities
  • Sing along feature


Achoo Gaboo

  • Cost: £2.29
  • Fun reading experience
  • Humors children
  • Silly rhymes
  • Clever animations


TallyTots Counting

  • Cost:£2.29
  • Aids number recognition
  • A different task for each number
  • Tasks include: blowing bubbles, watering the flowers, watch mice run etc

I Hear Ewe

  • Cost: Free
  • Touch an animal to hear it’s sounds
  • Aids language development


  ABC Alphabet Phonics

  • Cost: Free
  • App tells child to touch a certain letter then praises child for doing so
  • Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, animals etc


Baby Bubbles

  • Cost: Free
  • Great fun for toddlers to pop bubbles
  • Simple entertainment



  • Cost: £0.99
  • A simple electronic matching game
  • 30 farm and safari animal cards to flip and match
  • Develops memory, concentration and cognitive skills
  • Includes animal sounds

Bumblebee Touchbook

  • Cost: £0.79
  • A fun way to help children learn to read
  • Animation and narration
  • Fun and educational
  • Promotes early literacy skills
  • Toddlers can touch a word, hear it then watch it come to life

What other toddler apps do you recommend?




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  1. We have a few of these as Mia loves time on her ipad, its taken us a while to find Apps that Mia is entertained by and will hold her attention but she will happily sit and play for about 30minutes which makes our long journeys twice a week a whole lot easier! 🙂


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