A New Year, A Better Me?

Hello january

It’s a New Year! And I’m back with my first and slightly late post of 2018. With each New Year comes more resolutions, goals and promises to become a better person. Scarily, only around 8% of people actually achieve their new years resolutions each year and  only 75% of people that set goals really follow […]

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One Stone AT LAST!

It’s taken a while – 5 months to be exact – but I have FINALLY lost a stone!! It’s been a gradual process that’s been hindered by my general greediness and lack of drive but I’m really glad I can finally say I’m 1 stone closer to my goal of losing 4 stone! So.. YAY […]

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My Weekly Aims

I’m in mild disbelief that we’re actually in October already and have only 2 months left until Christmas, and the end of 2016. I feel like the weeks are just turning in to months and life is going by in total blur! Each week seems to be the same and pretty boring for us. We […]

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