Amelia & Max’s Bath Time Must Haves

Now Max is getting a bit older he’s really starting to enjoy bath times a bit more so I thought I would share with you Amelia & Max’s Bath Time Must Haves.


I like to make bath times as fun as possible for Amelia especially since she’s a bit older now. She loves her toys and splashing everyone!

Our general routine when it comes to bath time is after tea time, just before bed then have a snuggle whilst watching Peppa Pig just before bed time. Amelia knows this to be part of her routine and gets super excited when I ask her if she wants a bath.

For cleaning:


Shampoo & conditioner – Schwarzkopf Supersoft

Body wash – Simple

and the jug for rinsing hair and playing around with.

The super soft shampoo and conditioner makes Amelia’s hair small amazing! It always looks shiny and feels really soft too, I love it! I found it in Tesco in the sale for £1.


Toothpaste – Tesco

Peppa Pig toothbrush (pack of 2 with a George one as well) – B&M

As a part of the bath time routine I always make sure we use this time to brush her teeth. She really hates having her teeth brushed (she just wants to do it herself!) and I find distractions at bath times makesnit a lot easier.

For playing:


Squidgy soap – Mum & Me

Bath crackles – Mum & Me

 The squidgy soap is so much fun for making beards and foam balls for Amelia to play with – she gets so excited! We don’t really use it as a soap for washing them with, it’s more just for a bit of fun. The crackles smell amazing and add a bit of excitement and joy to bath times which is great when she’s feeling a bit sleepy head and fussy. And we have plenty of fun bath toys as well!

After the bath:


When they’re done playing I wrap them up all warm in their cosy towels to dry off. Amelia uses hooded poncho towels – which she normally dumps on the floor then runs around in the nude, and Max just has a simple hooded baby towel. This usually ends up with the hood right over his eyes so he can’t see resulting in a screaming frenzy!

And finally they get lathered up in some Johnsons baby lotion to make their delicate skin extra soft!


What are your bath time essentials?


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    1. Amelia is the same. Any time I utter the word ‘bath’ she gets so excited and practically runs up the stairs! Thankyou for readin and commenting 🙂

  1. Bath time is my twins favourite time great list of essentials Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  2. I used to love cuddling up with my two when they were small and had been in the bath, they always smelt amazing and the sleepy cuddles afterwards were always the best 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

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