Amelia’s 3rd Birthday Gift Guide

Next month is Amelia’s 3rd birthday and like every year, I honestly don’t know where on earth the time has gone! Children grow so quickly and every birthday is totally bittersweet. Finding the right gift for a child that probably already has far too many toys can be tricky; so I have put together a little gift guide of a few bits I would like to get for Amelia that she would absolutely love and that aren’t yet more toys.
Hobby horse

This hobby horse from The Great Little Trading Company is absolutely gorgeous. Amelia loves horses and making little jumps at home to hop over.


Games! Amelia really loves to play games like these and get everybody involved. For Christmas her Nan got her a My Little Pony game that she’s obsessed with and always wants to play with it so I think she would love a couple more like these.

Jitter Bugs

Honey Bee Tree

Percy the PenguinGift guide

Like any toddler, Playdoh is very loved by both Amelia and Max. This glittery Playdoh is really pretty and girly and The My Little Pony ones are perfect for my MLP obsessed girly. The other craft items would also be a great way to entertain her during the days where we’re just having a home day.

Sparkle Mosaics

My Little Pony mosaic art

Peg Boards

Sew & lace cards

Confetti playdoh

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Cupcake Playdoh

My Little Pony Make & Style Ponies Playdoh

Nella the princess knight

Nella the Princess Knight Accessories – Amelia’s new love is Nella the Princess Knight! If you haven’t seen it yet or your children aren’t familiar then you definitely need to fit it in! (If you have preschool age children I mean, might be a bit odd if you don’t have any ha, or not, it’s probably still just as good!) A lot of children’s programmes are just dribble but I find Nella such an amazing role model for young girls. She’s a princess but also kicks ass which so I’m really happy that Amelia has asked for the ‘crown and penant’ as she calls it (Tiara & pendant to adults)


Ballroom Belle doll – Beauty & the Beast is one of my favourite films, I absolutely love the new version, and so does Amelia! She’s a typical dolly-loving little girl and this one is really cute so I thought she’d love it!


A birthday is really just a time for an updated wardrobe and since Amelia loves Unicorns and My Little Pony, it’s quite easy to find clothes I know she’ll love.


With Spring coming Amelia could really do with some trainers for the trips to the park when the weather finally turns.

Moc Vans

Heart Vans



My little pony

If you hadn’t already guessed, Amelia absolutely loves My Little Pony and has asked for some bedding for a few months now so this will definitely go down well!

Hair bows

No little girls birthday is complete with some beautiful hair accessories! I’ve always loved ones the beautiful clips and bows from Cath Kidston.


And that ends my 3rd Birthday Gift Guide! There’s so much I would love to get for Amelia but I’m trying to rein it in a little bit and rather than spend a fortune on toys, I’d rather put the money towards something more memorable like a lovely day out somewhere.

Is there anything else you would think a 3 year old girl would like? I’d love to know below!

Thanks for reading!





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