Amelia’s Healthy Lunches

Lunch time is such an import meal and I aim for these to be as healthy as possible for my growing toddler. Being pretty unhealthy myself with the lack of fruit in my diet means I really push for Amelia to always have a nice big amount of it at meal times.

I really love sectioned food trays as they’re a great way to section food off from others to make it easier for toddlers to chose what they would like to eat without too much going on in one area. I love this gorgeous plate from Cath Kidston that we got sent as an accidental freebie – and I will definitely be getting Max one too. The melamine material means the quality is fantastic and the ballerina picture is really pretty.

Amelia always has the same food types in each section of her plate so she knows what to expect. Personally I find this causes less distractions at mealtimes and she just focus’ on eating her lunch nicely.

There is always a fruit and veg section, a savoury section for her cracker and cheesy bits (Philadelphia/Cheese) and also a treat section for some chocolate/crisps/cupcake bits. Needless to say of course she demolishes the treat section first!

We only use the section plate for lunch times and just a standard round plate with either her Peppa Pig pattern on or Paw Patrol pattern for breakfast and dinner. I feel like this helps her to understand her day a bit better and gives her some routine.

Rather than using her highchair we have started to feed Amelia on her new little table from IKEA instead. This way I find that it is teaching her to ask before she leaves the table and is easier for her to pick up her cutlery or water cup if she drops it.

These little drinks are a great little healthy addition to meal times for toddlers. Amelia loves her ‘juice’ and its an easy way to get some extra fruit and 5 a day into her. Jack thinks that Amelia is too young to be using juice boxes as the first few times she just tipped it up and squirted it everywhere then proceeded to splash it everywhere with her hand – typical toddler fun hey! However I’m very much in the mindset of she needs to learn. If I don’t give her these opportunities young then she will still be struggling with it when shes older which i really don’t want. My persistence clearly paid off as she hasn’t made a mess with her juice boxes in well over a week!


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  1. love the idea of a sectioned plate, The Girl isn’t quite one yet, so grabs at whatever is in front of her, but this will be reallly useful when she’s a bit older. #marvmondays

    1. I thought it would be a waste of time with Amelia and just end up on the floor all of the time but she really loves it! I think it’s the pictures. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. I love the idea of using a sectioned plate and have recently got a couple for our little ones. The little lady loves using it, and just like you we just use it at lunch time. I think because its easier to do so with the type of food we have at lunch time compared to breakfast and dinner. I think your idea of having a little table and chair is great too and after reading your post im actually contemplating whether we should consider investing in one 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

    1. I definitely recommend getting one! They’re such fantastic quality and I find it teaches them to ask before leaving the table and the little cutie even brings her plate out to the kitchen 🙂

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